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Gridiron News Links: May 2001
Q3 Gridiron Player Plugin Modeler Needed!
Latest on Gridiron 3.0!

How many times can we say Thanks!?

Q3 Gridiron 3.0 Beta 5 Public Beta!

Patchless, yet Progressing...

May We Post Some News Please?

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GRIDIRON NEWS: May 30th, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

Q3 Gridiron Player Plugin Modeler Needed!

This is just a quick post looking for someone who may be interested in creating some additional animations to the current Gridiron player plugin model. I know a lot of players have requested some animations for the passing and spikeball etc. as well as some players wishing that the standard Q3 models could be used in Gridiron. I know that we really do not wish to allow standard player plugin models to be used in Gridiron, but if a modeler could tweak the current model with some additional animations, maybe that same person could create a few more player models based on the current model. ie. A slightly larger, beat up looking player, etc.

We have lost total contact with Slight and have to assume that he is out of pocket as of late. We surely hope that he is okay as we have not received a reply to our Emails sent to him over the last month or so. At any rate, if you are a modeler and would like to help, feel free to contact me at and I will get back to you in short order.

GRIDIRON NEWS: May 30th, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

Latest on Gridiron 3.0!

Beta Tests for our final Beta 6 are, in fact, complete! All of the comments and suggestions made by the testers will be implemented. Most of the changes will be map tweaks and a change of how defaults for each map will be handled and basically finishing up the final graphics and media for the game. All that is left is pretty much along the same lines as they have been for the last month, the final maps and awaiting the point release.

Nevertheless, those that have snagged the beta 6 release may wish to hold on to it as we test the final three maps before packaging what will be the Gridiron 3.0 pre-point release. In the meantime, the Vanson Studios server will be down until these final maps are complete and ready for testing.

Stay Tuned!

GRIDIRON NEWS: May 21st, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

How many times can we say Thanks!?

Well, quite a weekend of Gridiron beta testing and once again, we must give a big THANKS! to everyone who played and submitted their comments and such. The biggest fans of our mod who were on our server over the weekend got a little special taste of a few more new things too! For those of you who may have missed out, we posted a quick beta 5.1 on Sunday which included a few little things such as enhancements to the interface and the new voicecom menu system! But, now, being that Valtrain is headed for home on the 25th, (and his 56k modem, OH MY!) it's back to the grindstone. Once again, we will post info here on the website and we may have one final test this next weekend. Hopefully, if we're really lucky, the final version of the Quake3 Point Release will become available and we'll have a final beta test real, real soon! Now, on to the thanks and a look into the revision of map12, Canyon Pass!

Now on to the specific thanks! Thanks to the 5 teams of 6 who, from what I have been told, was slammin' down on the Gridiron as late as 5am Sunday morning at the May 2001 LANFest in Austrailia! The Clan X-treme Detriment LAN that took place in Houston on Saturday and all the regulars and some new faces that we saw on our local server over the weekend in no particular order: Apathy69, Bootdisk, Static, Jester-TheKorean, Ballskin, Squib, Maximus, Resdog, Randy Moss, Bitch Bang, LightningLink, FliGG, w1s3guy... I know there were quite a few others that dropped in, I just can't recollect their names, I apologize, but many thanks to you too!! Also, Clan[PoT] will be holding a LAN this coming May 24th thru the 27th, an early thanks to them for helping test Beta5! Well, actually, they will probably get a Beta 5.xx by then... :)

Now, with the testing done and a lot of notes to go over, I get back to the mapping of the final remakes of map12 and 13 and then the all new maps (14 thru 16) that I hope everyone enjoys! Below are shots of the old and the start of the all new, MUCH bigger, and I think better, Map12, Canyon Pass!


GRIDIRON NEWS: May 17th, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

Q3 Gridiron 3.0 Beta 5 Public Beta!

We have put together everything we have for 3.0 and built a pre-release that is going to be tested at a couple LAN parties this weekend. So, why not make it a public beta, I said to myself... This will though be a VERY LIMITED public beta and available only over this weekend. Once again, we're looking for bugs and comments from those who decide to download it and try it out on our server. The following is what you need to give the beta 5 a whirl this weekend!


1. Copy or Backup your current Gridiron installation and then uninstall Gridiron v2.xx from either the Q3 Gridiron Start Menu folder or from your ADD/REMOVE programs icon in the Control Panel. This is NOT absolutely necessary, but since this is only a pre-release, beta test, we wanted you to be able to run this side-by-side with old Gridiron v2.36. Yet, a few things get crossed and installing the 3.0 beta may cause SOME users trouble. Most who install 3.0 beta 5 for testing purposes may see some strange things happen, some may not. So far, fresh installs under Win98 and Win2K Professional have worked best--this being systems that have never had Gridiron installed or machines that have uninstalled or deleted/backed up all previous versions of Q3 Gridiron.

2. Download the Q3 Gridiron LANFest Beta 5 Pre-Release 53meg Win32 Installer by CLICKING HERE!
*NOTE: This public, pre-release, beta test 5 is for Win32 systems only, sorry!

3. Run the installer, point it to your Quake3 folder and complete the install, read the docs and either run the PLAY Q3 GRIDIRON icon on the desktop and type /connect in the console or enter that IP address in your GameSpy Q3 Unbound area and connect. This server will be running the new code and the new updated maps 1 thru 11 from Thursday, May 17th through Sunday, May 20th...
*NOTE: The server may go down every once in a while, but keep checking!

All we ask is, if you play it or set it up for your own LAN party this weekend that you please let us know by Emailing MeNtHoL or Valtrain or post your Comments in the Q3 Gridiron Forum!

Thank you and ENJOY!

GRIDIRON NEWS: May 14th, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

Patchless, yet Progressing...

I took out a little time and did a quick scan of all the Quake3 related sites and I still don't believe the new point release for Quake3 has arrived, has it? So, while we wait, twelve screenshots of Gridiron 3.0's map remakes and some shots of other new Gridiron stuff! At this point, all of the previous Gridiron maps have been reworked/revamped/improved and the brand new maps are being started. The code only has a couple very minor updates needed and then we're ready to migrate it to the upcoming point release! If things go well and the point release arrives, we should FINALLY be ready for a FULL beta test!


GRIDIRON NEWS: May 09th, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

May We Post Some News Please?

Well, I'm a big liar... No additional news posts for the end of April... Sorry. So, to make up for this, I have updated almost every area on the site. And now, I think it's time to bring everyone up-to-date BIG TIME about Gridiron 3.0!

Kick back and read away...


- Fixed all known bugs from previous playtests
- Enhanced voting system for both ingame and at the end of each map
- Server configs are now read from gidef.cfg and each map has its own config
- Made throwbullet a more direct, faster pass
- Added a spiketrap that you can throw at other players to slow them down
- Reduced default grappling hook damage setting
- Added mode to turn grappling hook damage on/off
- Added option to turn off grappling hook
- Added "Extend Round" option to help allow those "last second plays"
- Added "Battle of the Gods" option which sets the game so you take no damage
- Added "Hardcore" modes of play that can be set with or without BFG

A lot of these new settings should make for some hardcore fun at LAN parties, but can also be set on public servers via voting. Each change of map will force that map's default config to reload, so no worries about voting in one of these "just for fun" modes of play and then having the server stuck in that mode until someone later votes those settings to off or the server is reset.


- fresh new artwork throughout the game
- a few new ingame voiceovers and sound effects
- Updated screen indicators which indicate touchdowns etc. etc.
- New music per map heavily stereo separated as not to interfere too much with gameplay

A lot of these things are simply to enhance the overall look of Gridiron 3.0 so it just is not the same things you've seen before. As for the music, we are happy to have gotten all of the map loop contributions from Jon Drukman of which you should go check out! Jon has recently done some work for the cartoon Invader Zim which you can check out here! Also, some truly fantastic artwork which we really cannot wait to show you in Gridiron 3.0 was drawn up by Matt Olsen whose site you can find by clicking here! Also, if my brain is not broken, as it usually is, Alan 'FliGG' Karnitz (sorry if I got that spelt wrong) helped out with the splashscreen artwork as well! Do check out our Contacts Page for the major contributors to the mod!


- All maps completely updated, some with new routes and misc enhancements
- All maps are now much better lit, some have dark areas, but most are much brighter
- Fixed all fieldgoal brushes so all fieldgoal attempts will take
- Added bot roam entities to all maps to enhance singleplayer gameplay
- Added player location entities to report your position on the field

Currently we are trying to finish off updates to maps 10 thru 13 from the current Gridiron map selections and hope to have playtests of maps 14 thru 16 very soon. The delays in this particular area of which I am rather "in charge of doing" has been two fold, one was to not allow r_speeds to get too high, yet enhance the maps to give them a more polished look. Another was to insure that exploits in the maps were fixed and that the bots would at least try to defend the maps as best they can. I will rebuild the screenshots page with snapshots of the map updates ASAP.

Finally, for the next couple days, players can grab up our current playtest files and jump on our private server and help by contributing their time playing the beta and giving us some feedback. I do not want to post this on the site as a true public beta, so, if you want to get involved, check the header of the Gridiron IRC channel and ask questions you may have there. Again, our IRC channel is on, port 6667, channel #gridiron. The test, as of today, will be a test of maps 3 and 9, and later this week, especially if the new point release comes out, will be a FULL Gridiron 3.0 beta test where we will be having a full public beta on a private server.

Stay tuned here for more!




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