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Setting up Q3 Gridiron!
*This page was left here for links from archives, see new Gridiron 3.0 Docs!

Client-side Setup

Q3 Gridiron is both a client and server-side modification of Quake III Arena and could not be any easier to setup on your system. The following steps will detail the setup process for most users.

-- Download the latest Q3 Gridiron Installer by clicking > here <
-- Locate the installer (GRIDIRONxx.exe) you downloaded and double-click to install.
-- Follow the prompts displayed by the install wizard to complete the installation.
-- Locate the Q3 Gridiron program group in the Windows' Start Menu to get rolling!

Additional Client-side Setup Notes:

One of the most important aspects of having fun playing Q3 Gridiron are the passing binds. The installation wizard that sets up Q3 Gridiron on your machine will automatically execute the passbinds.cfg for you but you have to choose which keys or buttons to bind for passing the ball. It is probably in your better interests to edit the passbinds.cfg file in the /gridiron folder under your Quake3 directory before joining a server.

Also, try typing the command /GIBINDS in the console when in-game!

Here are the list of commands as seen in the ABOUT page on this website:

bind <key> throwbullet Short Pass 10 *yards 20 to 40 *yards
bind <key> throwball Medium Pass 30 *yards 40 to 60 *yards
bind <key> hailmary Long Pass 50 *yards 60 to 100 *yards
bind <key> fieldgoal Kicks a Fieldgoal 30 *yards 40 to 60 *yards
bind <key> pass *Experimental *Based on Aim *Based on Aim
bind <key> spike *Just for Fun! *Straight UP *Straight UP!

*yards are approximate and based on 50 Units = 1 Yard

Server Setup

As mentioned above, Q3 Gridiron is both a client and server-side modification. Therefore you do NOT need to download any additional files to run a Gridiron server. In our extensive tests of running the mod on both stand-alone systems and public servers, we have created what we believe to be the best settings for a Gridiron server. After you have installed the client via the instructions above, all you have to is to find the 'Run Q3 Gridiron Server' shortcut in the Q3 Gridiron folder under the Windows' Start Menu! If you already know something about running other Quake3 servers, feel free to edit the server.bat located in the /gridiron folder.

Additional Server Setup Details:

The following is simply a display of the gridiron_server.bat and server.cfg for Q3 Gridiron. If you downloaded the official installation package from our site or one of the many mirrors out there, you should already have these files and should be able to play Q3 Gridiron and/or run a Q3 Gridiron Server without knowing any of this information. Nevertheless here is it for your viewing pleasure:

Contents of: gridiron_server.bat

quake3 +set dedicated 2 +set fs_game gridiron +bot_enable 0 +exec server.cfg

Contents of: server.cfg

// Q3 GRIDIRON SERVER CONFIG: Basic Server Settings for Gridiron
// Updated: January 22nd, 2001

// 1.27 Notes:
// Quake3 variables must use seta or they will be overwritten by q3config.cfg
// Unless config is executed from the default.cfg file NO seta commands will be written to
// the q3config.cfg file during startup. Only the seta commands are executed when
// this file is executed from the default.cfg file, game won't double start. :-)

// Stripping the on Linux or any Unix platforms is Mandatory!
// Weird things will happen should you skip this step - FYI
// CMS has a nice program to do that at:

// DO WARMUP: This will allow a warmup period before a match starts.
g_dowarmup 1

// WARMUP TIME: Amount of time the warmup will take. Default 20 seconds.
g_warmup 20

// GAME LOG: set the path and name of the game log file (default is games.log)
seta g_log "games.log"

// DOWNLOADING: turn on/off downloading of files from server
seta sv_allowDownload 0

// GAMETYPE: Must be set for 3 for Team Deathmatch, DO NOT CHANGE!
seta g_gametype 3

// FRAGLIMIT: Fraglimit (total score) now implemented...
seta fraglimit 100

// TIMELIMIT: 30 is normal, a setting of 0 will not rotate maps
seta timelimit 30

// PURE SERVER: Must be set for 0, DO NOT CHANGE!
seta sv_pure 0

// FLOOD PROTECTION: Usually set for 1, set it for 0 so pass binds don't lag as much.
seta sv_floodprotect 0

// This makes it so that clientthinks are run only once per server think. This makes
// for smoother demo recording and also helps prevent a few problems. DO NOT CHANGE!
seta g_syncronousClients 0

// FRIENDLY FIRE: Set for 0 or people will complain.
seta g_friendlyFire 0

// FORCE TEAM BALANCE : Helps to keep the teams even. Good for public servers. On
// a clan match you might want to turn it off and assume the clans are mature
// enough of even teams themselves.
seta g_forceTeamBalance 0

// MAX CLIENTS: 4 minimum, more than 16 can get pretty rough
seta sv_maxclients 12

// MAX RATE: 8000 is normal, set to whatever you want
seta sv_maxRate 8000

// HUNK MEGS: 16 is really necessary, the more the better
seta com_hunkmegs 32

// HOST NAME: This is default, set to whatever you want
seta sv_hostname "Q3 Gridiron v2.0 - ETG #gridrion"

// MAP ROTATION: To add a map to the rotation see last lines
set q3gridiron01 "map q3gridiron01;set nextmap vstr q3gridiron02"
set q3gridiron02 "map q3gridiron02;set nextmap vstr q3gridiron03"
set q3gridiron03 "map q3gridiron03;set nextmap vstr q3gridiron04"
set q3gridiron04 "map q3gridiron04;set nextmap vstr q3gridiron05"
set q3gridiron05 "map q3gridiron05;set nextmap vstr q3gridiron06"
set q3gridiron06 "map q3gridiron06;set nextmap vstr q3gridiron07"
set q3gridiron07 "map q3gridiron07;set nextmap vstr q3gridiron08"
set q3gridiron08 "map q3gridiron08;set nextmap vstr q3gridiron09"
set q3gridiron09 "map q3gridiron09;set nextmap vstr q3gridiron10"
set q3gridiron10 "map q3gridiron10;set nextmap vstr q3gridiron11"
set q3gridiron11 "map q3gridiron11;set nextmap vstr q3gridiron12"
set q3gridiron12 "map q3gridiron08;set nextmap vstr q3gridiron01"
// Change the final vstr name on the line above to your then add
// set "map ;set nextmap vstr q3gridiron01"

// FIRST MAP TO START SERVER: Set to first map's name in your rotation
vstr q3gridiron01

// MESSAGE OF THE DAY: Set to whatever you want
seta g_motd "Welcome to Q3 Gridiron 2.0!"

// BALL RECOVERY: Allow recovery of interceptions
seta g_allowRecovery 1

// ROUNDTIME: Sets seconds per round, 30 is default for Gridiron.
seta g_roundTime 30

// VOTING PERCENT : This percent of players on server must vote for a mapchange in
// order to change the map. Set to 0 to disable map voting
seta g_mapvotePercent 70

// ALLOW VOTE: Gridiron does not use voting
// seta g_allowvote 0

// PASSWORD: password protect the entire server
// seta g_password ""

// RCON PASSWORD: Set this to whatever you want for RCON capability
seta rconPassword ""

// GAMESPY INFO: This stuff will show up in GameSpy
sets Admin "[GridironAdmin]"
sets DownloadMod ""
sets Email "someone@somewhere.dom"
sets Homepage ""
sets IRC " #gridiron or #x-d"
sets Location "City, State"




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