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Q3 Gridiron v2.0 Basic Strategy!

Though it is nearly impossible to guarentee success in any game, some of the tips and diagrams presented here may help make the game more fun to play!

General Gridiron Tips...

-- Target your passing binds to very comfortable locations on your keyboard/controller.
-- Take the time to bind at least the throwball, hailmary and fieldgoal passing binds.
-- Try to strafe and move around instead of standing still as each round begins.
-- Do not spend your armor early on, calculate your shots and stay on the ground.
-- Always keep your eye on the ball carrier no matter if you're on offense or defense.

Gridiron Tips for Offense...

-- Do not always attempt to get the ball, especially if you spawn farthest out from the ball.
-- If you spawn close to the ball, cross in front of the ball to help hide/protect the ball carrier.
-- As a general rule, move against the flow of the defense and stay open for passes.
-- Try to get behind the defensive players and push them away from the endzone.
-- Do not use only the hailmary (longest) pass every time you pass the ball.
-- Attempt long range fieldgoals often, they can add up very quickly and are easier to make.

Gridiron Tips for Defense...

-- Do not use up your one rail ammo at the beginning of every round.
-- Try not to always run away from your endzone at the beginning of the round.
-- Always use the gauntlet in large pileups around a ball carrier or a loose (fumbled) ball.
-- Rarely travel past half way across the field ('the 50 yardline') and do damage at a distance.
-- Keep fast incoming offensive players distracted by battling them 1 on 1.
-- Resist firing at a ball carrier from behind and sending them into the endzone.

Helpful diagrams for Q3 Gridiron Map 1 (The 1st Gridiron)

In the following, based on Q3 Gridrion map1, you can better see the distances of the three main passing types as well as the locations where you can make a fieldgoal. The second diagram is a simple offensive play that attempts to scatter the defense as well as confusing the flow of the defense.

As you can see, from the 20 yardline a hailmary pass will land on the 50 yardline. From there, considering forward movement of approximately 10 yards, another hailmary will land on the 10 yardline. Considering the first diagram, this final reciever (if successfully executed) can either: 1. Make a fieldgoal for three points. 2. Run in for a touchdown for six points, or if that player has enough health and armor, 3. A rocketjump through the uprights for seven points!

H = Hailmary, P = Throwball, B = Throwbullet, FG = Fieldgoal
*All diagrams reflect passes made while standing flat footed on the ground except for fieldgoals.

More diagrams and plays coming soon!




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