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Q3 Gridiron FAQ!

Q. When I join the game and pick I team, I don't spawn! Why not?

A. You must wait for the round to end. Once the round is over, you will spawn as a member of the team you selected.

Q. I tried to start a game and it just went back to the main menu. I checked the console and it said ERROR: Can't find spawn point.

A. You need to be sure to set g_gametype 3

Q. When I try to join a game, it says Client/Server game mismatch. What's wrong?

A. Make sure you're connecting to the right port. A server might be running a gridiron server on a port other than the default one (27960).

Q. Why does the shotgun only have 4 bullets? It seems to kick back further too. What's going on?

A. The shotgun was introduced as a means of balancing teams. It allows you to knock back potential scorers, particularly if they are in the air. The shotgun in Gridiron will knock a target back more than the normal one in Q3A. This also makes it easier for one person to stop more than one person, or at least hold them at bay temporairly.

Q. I was running along and suddenly the round restarted! It said "Time Expired" but I didn't see a timer anywhere?

A. Gridiron uses 30 second rounds for fast-paced gameplay. The timer is shown where the lagometer is, so in order to see it you may have to turn off your lagometer. Just type /cg_lagometer 0 in the console. The roundtime is also customizable, you can set your own round length using g_roundTime. Check the readme for more info.

Q. How many players can Gridiron support?

A. The maximum number of players that the official Gridiron maps in 1.0 support is 22, for a game of 11 vs 11. We have found through playtesting that the best teams are generally 4 to 6 people each. If you do want to create a map that supports more than 22 players, detailed information about Gridiron map creation can be found on the website.

Q. Does Q3 Gridiron run under linux?

A. Yes. Gridiron uses VM's instead of DLL's which means it can run on any platform that Quake3 can run on. However, the Windows Installer will likely not run on linux. On the downloads page there should be a link to download the linux version.

Q. How do I tell which guy has the ball?

A. The ballcarrier glows a combination of red and blue.

Q. Sometimes when there is a lot of fighting at the opposite end of the field I have trouble telling who is on my team and who isn't! How can I tell them apart?

A. Well, aside from the color, teammates have what appears to be a black circle with a yellow X on it above their heads. Look for these to pass to.

Q. I threw the ball through the uprights but it didn't score a fieldgoal!

A. You have to use the pass "fieldgoal" to attempt a fieldgoal. (See passbinds.cfg, the README file, or the About section of the website for details on passing). The normal passes do NOT count as fieldgoals, you must specifically use "fieldgoal" if you are attempting to kick a fieldgoal.

Q. This mod rules! Where can I play?

A. We have a list of official servers available on the website. If you used the windows installer, then the Q3 Gridiron Program Group (go to Start/Programs/Q3 Gridiron) has an option called PLAY GRIDIRON RIGHT NOW. Clicking on this will automatically start Gridiron and connect to our home server. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

Q. I edited the passbinds.cfg like the setup instructions said, but the keys I bound don't work!

A. Try typing "/exec passbinds.cfg" (without quotes) in the console. If for some reason this doesn't work, you can also bind them manually. The commands you'll need to bind keys to are: dropball, throwball, hailmary, throwbullet, fieldgoal.

Q. I want to start my own Gridiron Clan, can you help me?

A. We do indeed have plans on having a conference area connected to this site sometime in the near future. This will probably be the best place to meet up with people and get something rolling!

Q. After playing for about 2 or 3 minutes I looked at the scoreboard and it said I had 1200 frags! I knew I was doing good but DAAAAAMMMNNNN.

A. The score that it shows on the scoreboard is not your kill count, it's the total amount of damage points that you have dealt. Looks a lot more impressive, doesn't it?

Q. How can I submit a bug report?

A. Please email me (Valtrain) directly. Contact information is also available on the contacts section of the website.

Q. What point release do I need to play?

A. Q3 Gridiron 2.0 requires 1.27g or higher to play. The latest version is 1.27h. You definately need 1.27h if you're planning to run a gridiron server, but you can either version to play the game. We recommend 1.27h

Q. Where can I hang out with fans and talk to you guys?

A. The official Gridiron IRC channel can be found on the ETG server (that's port 6667 for those of you who spend your lives with your heads buried deep in the sand) The channel name is #gridiron

Q. I was playing earlier and if the other team fumbled I could recover the ball and score. Now I come back and if I recover the ball the round resets. WTF?

A. Each server can set that on/off, and it may vary from server to server. In order to toggle it on and off, use the g_allowRecovery cvar. More information about this cvar can be found in the readme file.

Q. You guys are awesome! I'm a hot chick and I want to have your children!

A. Contact info on the contact page, we'll get back to you quickly :)

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