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Gridiron News Links: March 2001
3.0 playtests and Sneak-peaks!
Quick Notes: Macs, Versions and Progress...

Gridiron v3.0 code in the Laboratory...

Fixed Website, Preview List for Gridiron v3.0...

First Gridiron Match, New Server Up!
Gridiron v3.0 slated for April 2001...

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GRIDIRON NEWS: March 25th, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

3.0 Playtests and Sneak-peaks!

We had some quick playtests of the latest code on remakes of maps one and two and we got a lot more suggestions and ideas! At this point it looks like Gridiron 3.0 will have a LOT of things to look forward to and if all goes smoothly, more playtests next weekend! Keep an eye out here on the site for more! Now, for a few screenshots of the map remakes for Gridiron 3.0 and many thanks to the testers!

Gridiron Map1 (The First Gridiron) Snapshots

Gridiron Map2 (Rainbow Bridge) Snapshots

GRIDIRON NEWS: March 21st, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

Quick Notes: Macs, Versions and Progress...

We have gotten a few Emails over the last month concerning a few things we have yet to address directly on the website and thought it needed a news post:

1. Q3 Gridiron requires you have Quake3 v1.27g or v1.27h (preferrably v1.27h) to run properly. If you do not have Quake3 Arena v1.27g or h, then you will will get an unexpected version 3 instead of 4 error when trying to run Gridiron v2.36.

2. Q3 Gridiron will run on the Mac as it is compiled as VMs and not DLLs, just be sure to download the ZIP files and extract with folders to your Quake3 folder and all should be peachy.

As for progress on Gridiron 3.0, we have implemented quite a few of the list of items listed in our previous news item below. We will be wanting to have extensive playtests very soon. If you would like to be a playtester of Gridiron v3.0 beta, please see us in the IRC to let us know and please be prepared to download what might possibly be a 20meg download! The tests will most likely take place on the weekend and we will be sure to post news here on the site a few days before tests are to begin. This coming weekend we may have a quick v2.36 patchable version of Gridiron v3.0 for testing for those that cannot get in on the full test due to the size of the full v3.0 beta download. Again, see us in the IRC for more!

GRIDIRON NEWS: March 15th, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

Gridiron v3.0 code in the Laboratory...

Just a quick news item letting everyone know that test number 47 (ie. 2.36.47) is in the works. There are a few new things we're talking about adding such as a new tossable spiketrap item. Each player will get one of these to toss and it will NOT be a huge blanket of spikes, just a patch... We are also wrestling with the ideas for an in-game scoreboard and may have come across some concepts for it! Slight is also working on the final version of the football player plugin model. New map reworks will take place this weekend and we may be able to have some pre-v3.0 patches to hookup some playtesters with very, very soon! Stay tuned...

Also, I noted a new server that is in Chicago, this may help a LOT of people's pings and you should check it out soon and tell your friends! It has been up for a few days and the only thing bad about it is that it's set for the default rate of 8000 right now... Maybe if enough people populate it, we can tag the admin and get the rate raised up a bit... I think this could turn out to be a pretty popular server due to its location... Get over to the servers page and check out Lexy's Gridiron!

GRIDIRON NEWS: March 10th, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

Fixed Website, Preview List for Gridiron v3.0...

I had absolutely NO idea what people meant when they were talking about truckloads of font tags and such in this page, but I found the problem and fixed it... My apologies...

The following is a list of possible changes going into Gridiron v3.0:

- Relight maps to make them a tad brighter and lots of misc improvements.
- Fieldgoal brushes made thicker so all fieldgoal attempts take.
- Fieldgoal pass length extended to make fieldgoals from a further distance.
- Endzone brushes made thinner so you don't make a TD before actually touching the endzone.
- Spawn locations moved to protect teams on non-wideopen maps.
- All maps may contain a room with 'television' sets to watch the game for fun.
- With the current maps (greatly improved) and new maps, a full pack of 15 total maps.
- All current maps improved for better gameplay, no more easy TDs in some of the maps.
- Individual music tracks for each map instead of music forced in some maps, ie. map4, map10.
- Individual config files with unique roundtime, weapon and ammo settings per map.
- Bot roaming entities and additional bot code to help the bots in singleplayer.
- Location entities to show your location in your team_say messages.
- Misc code fixes on round timer and other minor code adjustments.
- Fix in-game browser to properly list Gridiron servers.
- Grappling hook to pull players faster yet hold for only 2 seconds instead of 3 as it does now.
- At the start of a map, a battle between the first red and blue players for first ball posession.
- New graphics and a few new voiceovers and sound effects throughout the game.
- Additional football player animations for passing, spiking the ball and tackling.
- Updates to improve the readability of the onscreen scoreboard.
- Possibly individual player numbers displayed on each player model.
- Possibly an up-to-date scoreboard actually inside every map.

If you would like to post your ideas or comments on our list of ideas above, join in the discussion on the Gridiron message board!

More updates to come during the next couple of weeks...

GRIDIRON NEWS: March 08th, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

First Gridiron Match, New Server Up!

If all goes as planned, the First Official Gridiron Match will take place either tonight or Sunday! The match is going to be between 4G and FaS and should prove to be a nail biter! Also, as we've mentioned in the past, we do not know how Gridiron v2.35 can be approaching 3,500 total downloads yet there is only 5 full-time servers with only one server filling up per night. Whatever the case, we think this is due to there not being enough servers out there for players to get good ping. So, we're always glad to see a new server going up which you can see on the servers page. Of course, if nobody reads our page or tries to populate the server, no telling how long new servers will last. Always refer to the servers page here which we keep updated on a regular basis with the latest full-time Gridiron server list! And as mentioned before, you can get the GameSpy tab from the downloads page and you can get Q-plug for your browser off the servers page!

GRIDIRON NEWS: March 05th, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

Gridiron v3.0 slated for April 2001...

Myself and Valtrain have discussed nearly everything that everyone would like to see in Gridiron v3.0 and should be compiling a list in a week or two. We believe that we can have it ready at the first of April but possibly sooner.

In the meantime, here are a few things that we will be doing here on the website:

-- Updating the Basic Strategy section to Advanced Strategy...
-- Managing the Gridiron Ladder...
-- Posting the progress of Gridiron v3.0 here on the site...

We have had a new section setup in the Gridiron Conference where you can discuss what you think should be included in Gridiron v3.0 but there has not been much activity. We are also seemingly down to just a few servers even though Gridiron v2.35 and v2.36 downloads has reached well over 3,000 total since it posted. Again, if you are running a server, set it for dedicated 2 so we track it and can post it here or contact us and we will post the address on the servers page...

Lastly, as you can see above, we have archived all of the February 2001 news... For those that need to lookup something Gridiron from the past, the old news link covers Gridiron v1.0, January's news link covers Gridiron up through v2.30 and February's news link covers Gridiron v2.3x...




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