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The Latest About Q3 Gridiron!

Q3 Gridiron is a modification for the full, registered version of Quake III Arena that plays very similarly to a game of football. That is, football with rocket launchers! The idea was to have a mod that combines heavy fighting with a little bit of strategy and teamwork thrown in the mix. Nothing more, nothing less.


Each team takes a turn at getting the football. The player with the football will glow and will attempt to run down to the opposite end of the field and score a touchdown. The endzone is the large colored area, if you are on red team your endzone is blue and if you are on blue team your endzone is red. Your teammates need to protect you and help you to make a touchdown. The other team, on the otherhand, tries to stop you from scoring. If you die, you will drop the ball. If someone on your team gets it first, they can keep running to try to score a touchdown. If someone on the other team intercepts the ball they can run for a touchdown--unless recovery is disabled on the server in which case the round is over. If you are killed, you stay dead until either: 1. someone scores a touchdown. 2. or the timer runs out for the round.


ENDZONE = 6 points for your team
UPRIGHTS = 7 points for your team
FIELDGOAL = 3 points for your team

By touching the endzone you will make a touchdown which is worth 6 points for your team. However, if you can manage to rocket jump (or otherwise propel yourself) through the uprights, your team will receive 7 points. If you bind a key to fieldgoal and use that to launch the ball through the uprights your team will get 3 points!

The current individual scoring system is based on damage points and really has no impact on the game other than how many players you've damaged and by how much. It is, in fact, impossible to have a tie game in Gridiron, one team or the other will win the match.


The weapons available in Gridiron are the Rocket Launcher, Railgun, Super Shotgun, Chaingun, the Gauntlet, the Grappling Hook and a Spiketrap. The binds for these are unchanged from standard Q3A but the values of the weapons have been slightly altered. The spiketrap is new and you only get one per round. Read the following for the details on each.

The following are the specifics of the weapons:

Rocket Launcher - 15 ammo - Standard Q3A Damage
bind <key> "weapon 5"

Railgun - 1 ammo - 60% of Standard Q3A Damage
bind <key> "weapon 7"

Super Shotgun - 4 ammo - Enhanced Stopping Power
bind <key> "weapon 3"

Chaingun - 75 ammo - Grapple Breaker!
bind <key> "weapon 2"

Gauntlet - Unlimited ammo - Extended range (Causes ball carrier to fumble)
bind <key> "weapon 1"

Grappling Hook - Unlimited ammo - Only Grabs Players! (Releases when Damaged)
bind <key> "weapon 10"

Spiketrap - 1 ammo - Toss this at an enemy to slow them down (tossing at teammate you lose it)
bind <key> "throwspiketrap"

*You no longer need to bind these manually or in your configurations. All of these commands plus other new commands for Gridiron 3.0 are located in the Controls menu of Quake3!


The following table shows you approximate pass distances. Passing the ball has different distances based on whether you are standing on the ground or if you are in the air via jumping, rocket jumping or standing on a elevated area of a map such as a high ledge. You will also notice difference by pointing higher into the air as might be expected. This table is very approximate, play and experiment!

bind <key> throwbullet Short Pass 10 *yards 20 to 40 *yards
bind <key> throwball Medium Pass 30 *yards 40 to 60 *yards
bind <key> hailmary Long Pass 50 *yards 60 to 100 *yards
bind <key> fieldgoal Kicks a Fieldgoal 30 *yards 40 to 60 *yards
bind <key> spikeball Just for Fun! Straight Up Just for Fun!
bind <key> +button5 Charged Pass Based on Charge Time Based on Charge Time
bind <key> +button6 Charged Fieldgoal Based on Charge Time Based on Charge Time

*yards are approximate and based on 50 Units = 1 Yard
*charged passes and fieldgoal will show a bar showing you the amount of charge stored




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