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Gridiron News Links: January 2001
It's Superbowl Weekend!
Signup for the Gridiron Tournament!

Gib-O-Rama and Team Signups!

Keep it simple is a good motto!

2.01 patch NOT the full Version!

Q3 Gridiron PQ MOTW!

Rycee Q3 Stat Info!

Teams Forming Soon!

VertexLight 0/1?

2.0 First Weekend Wrapup!

Already Talking about Gridiron Future?

Playing Gridiron in Singleplayer

Gridiron Patch 2.01 Released!

Models Oh My!

Earlybird Special!

Gridiron 2.0 Released!

New Home on PlanetQuake!

Gridiron News Archive:
Old Gridiron 1.0 Newspage

GRIDIRON NEWS: January 26th, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

It's Superbowl Weekend!

I would be simply ignorant if I didn't mention the Superbowl, right?... We hope that everyone has a great weekend and gets a little Gridiron inbetween all of the festivities. I will be adding the teams that have signed up for the tournament later tonight, but for now here's some server addresses that have popped up over the last 24 hours including those you may already know from our servers page. If you find some of the servers full all the time, here's some others to choose from. We also have a working GameSpy TAB for you on the Downloads page or you can download it by clicking here! : 27965 Dude you got a Gridiron Server, sweet! : 27960 GameSpy Arcade PQ Challenge (Happenin' this Monday!) : 27960 Gridiron Home Server : 27960 Infamous_GridIron (For some reason only a 4 player server?) : 27999 QuakeShit Gridiron : 27961 TALON - Q3 Gridiron (WhackDaddy says up from 6pm to 10am) : 27960 The dojo q3 gridiron : 27964 THUNDERDOME : 27960 Gridiron

Also, I would like to clarify that when I said that you have to have an IRC channel to play in the Gridiron Tournament that it doesn't have to be a channel named after your Gridiron team. If your team has a clan IRC channel, that is fine too, just as long as everyone has a channel where they meet to coordinate matches.

Sign up now for the First Official Gridiron Tournament!

If I did everything right you should be able to start signing up your team for the first Official Q3 Gridrion Tournament coming in February when the new code is released! This signup period will last for exactly TWO WEEKS FROM today, Friday January 26th, 2001 through 11:59pm Friday February 2nd, 2001 or until we have 16 dedicated Q3 Gridiron Teams, whichever comes first!

To signup your team, click on the GI TOURNAMENT page on the left from any page on this site. Please do not rush to start a team if you do not think you will be able to form a full team of AT LEAST SIX (6) PLAYERS! We want this to be as fun as possible and there's plenty of time left. I have started a new forum in the Gridiron Conference to discuss starting teams, joining teams etc. Once you have signed up a team, we will get in contact with you and we will be very specific about serious teams before we add you to the team roster! You need to have a primary Email address and an IRC channel to join, so be prepared and let's have some FUN!


Gib-O-Rama and Team Roster Startup!

I just wanted to note that Gridiron will be Mod of the Month at the next Gib-O-Rama! Check out their page if you're gonna be (or are) near the Houston Texas area come Feb 17th... As for the Gridiron team roster, I will have that up here on the site here in just a little bit... I didn't see any complaints or suggestions in the conference about how we plan on running the tournament, it's simple anyways, so let's do this thing!...

GRIDIRON NEWS: January 25th, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

'Keep it Simple' is a Good Motto...

After some discussions, IRC chats, reading the conference and some Email, we have enough suggestions to solidify what will be in the next, and most likely the final version, of Gridiron. But, more importantly, here is the info on how we will handle the teams and Gridiron tournament as far as what will be on this site.

The team roster that will be posted here will be very simple. Once we have a certain number of serious Gridiron teams we will run a simple double-elimination tournament and we will do a wildcard pick of two teams and the winner of that wildcard game will play the winner of the tournament. This will give that extra punch to the tournament in as much as the winning team at the end of the tournament will have to play the winner of the wildcard picks. Please take the next 24 hours to decide your teams, your team's name, and slap on your tags and prepare to signup!

The team roster page will be added to the site sometime later today. It will have more specific info on the tournament itself and when it will start. So, if you have any questions or suggestions, there is a new message on the Gridiron Conference to discuss this before it goes up here on the site.

GRIDIRON NEWS: January 24th, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

The 2.01 Patch is not the FULL Version!

Wow, wouldn't it be nice if the full Gridiron mod with 12 maps was under a meg! Some have downloaded the 2.01 patch thinking it was the full mod. Download the full mod first and then apply the patch. I have updated the Downloads Page to reflect this. sorry. my bad. Feel free to slap me about this in the Conference room. :)

Q3 Gridiron makes PQ's MOTW!

Q3 Gridiron is this week's PlanetQuake featured mod of the week! Being this is our first effort, we truly appreciate the the mention and the review! Thanks Ash!

Rycee's Q3Stat Now Tracks Gridiron 2.0 Servers!

This is just a quick note about Q3Stat on Rycee's page which is now displaying all available Gridiron 2.0 servers. I have added this to the Servers page as an additional place to find Gridiron servers! Thanks Rycee!

Gridiron Teams Forming Soon!

It's coming time to get some ducks in a row here... Between now and the end of January we would like to have a few things going on before we release what will be the final version of Gridiron for tournament play:

-- As many serious Gridiron teams formed as those who are willing to form them.
-- A tournament ladder and schedule setup here on the Gridiron website.
-- All of the best ideas for the code completed and a new version of the mod tested if not released.
-- A stats page monitoring the Gridiron servers, however many there may be.
-- A small map pack with maybe 4 -> 6 new maps with some of the new ideas discussed recently.

That's probably not in order of priority, but close. Val will have a post soon with everything that will be in the final release of the code soon. I am, on the otherhand, going to have a teams page created for the site here in the very near future, maybe within a day. After this we will decide the best way to configure the tournament and we will decide on a prize for the winning team other than just being pimped to death on this site. :)

So, those that are interested, please let me know your IRC channels and such early on if you are considering forming a team! We can only hope that we have enough teams to get started sometime in February, but this is all up to what happens over the next week. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

GRIDIRON NEWS: January 23rd, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

Two for Tuesday...

1. We always like to see new Gridiron servers so those that do not get such good ping can give the mod a try someplace that might give them a little better ping. Looks as though we lost the server to Q3DM FFA, but at the same time a new server showed up! But it is running Gridiron 2.0 and not 2.01... Check the Servers page and maybe someone can get in contact with the admin to get 2.01 or hopefully they read the page here... And if so, hey, thanks for running a server! :)

Whatever the case, we're playing around with this web ladder to see how well it works. I would ultimately like to see ALL states represented with a Gridiron team, but that's probably asking too much? There's a thread in the Gridiron Conference about this too if you'd like to comment.

2. Lightmap or Vertex lighting? It would seem that a lot more people play using Vertex lighting, which kind of surprised me to be perfectly honest, and they cannot see the ball because the electro-cool shader on the ball does not show up, so, it's just plain brown. We are going to give the ball a trail in the next version of Gridiron, but for now here's an oddity for my system settings where Vertex lighting actually looks darker OVERALL to me...

With r_vertexLight 0 ... glowing ball, generally pretty bright overall...

With r_vertexLight 1 ... no glow on the ball, generally a lot darker!

Here's all my video junk which I run on a regular GeForce DDR card that I got off a cool site that I don't think exists anymore which had something to do with someone named Aqua:

//Aqua: Good Visual Quality, Medium FPS
seta com_blood "0"
seta cg_gibs "0"
seta cg_marks "0"
seta cg_brassTime "0"
seta cg_shadows "0"
seta r_picmip "1"
seta r_finish "1"
seta r_roundImagesDown "1"
seta r_detailtextures "1"
seta r_ignoreFastPath "1"
seta r_lodBias "0"
seta r_swapInterval "0"
seta r_subdivisions "4"
seta r_lodCurveError "250"
seta r_colorbits "16"
seta r_texturebits "16"
seta r_dynamiclight "0"
seta r_drawSun "0"
seta r_fastsky "0"
seta r_flares "0"
seta r_textureMode "GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR"
seta r_ext_compress_textures "0"
seta r_vertexLight "0"
seta r_ignorehwgamma "0"
seta r_gamma "1.6"

I really think these last three commands are at least why I don't seem to have any problems seeing the ball or the maps seeming to be too dark... Whatever the case, I hope this helps someone! I'm just here to help, really, I swear!... :)

GRIDIRON NEWS: January 22nd, 2001 -- Valtrain

Weekend Wrap-up!

Wow, what an opening weekend it's been! I'm glad to see that the conference has gotten a lot of use, I hope that continues. We've gotten a lot of feedback and ideas that we're planning to implement in the near future. Also we're trying to get a GIL (Gridiron League) going so that we can play tournaments and seasons. If you're interested, stop by the irc channel or the conference and let either Menthol, myself, Nicodem, or Rampage know.

We'll be making an announcement here (and p1mping it on other sites as well) that we're recruiting players for the tournament teams and we want to start playing soon. I'd even like to play on a team :) If you've a member of a clan, tell them to come try it out. Teams or clans don't have to exclusively play gridiron in order to be in the tournament.

New Business

For the server operators, Dr. Demento of the Insync Thunderdome Gridiron Server has brought to our attention some settings you may want to set so everyone can get connected before each match begins. Add the following to your SERVER.CFG to setup a warmup time:

g_dowarmup "1"
g_warmup "20"

This will allow a 20 second warmup period to take place within which nobody can score while everyone gets connected to the server. You can set the amount of time for whatever you want. The default server.cfg linked off the DOWNLOADS page and the server.cfg displayed in the SETUP page reflects these changes as well.

Old Business

If you're having problems connecting to servers, make sure you're running the 1.27 Point release for Quake3 and that you have both Gridiron 2.0 full and the 2.01 patch installed.

GRIDIRON NEWS: January 21st, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

Already talking about the Future of Gridiron?

Nicodem-X and others have expressed the need for a couple things:

1. Gridiron Teams and a place to track team and individual stats.
2. Updating Gridiron to have a Competition mode.

Well, let's start discussing this in the Gridiron Conference. At this time we are kickin' around ideas for a future update to Gridiron v2.10... Gridiron v2.01 was updated, in part, due to suggestions from those who play the mod so let's do the same for v2.10 and see what we can work out!

Now, there seems to be some level of horror when it comes to binding keys for Gridiron, or any other mod for that matter... I was thinking that maybe a few of you out there would be so kind as to share your configs in the Gridiron Conference and help some people out. I have started new threads in the General Discussion area just for these items. I have also updated the ABOUT and SETUP sections to be more accurate as far as v2.01 is concerned at this time, you might check them out as well.

How-to on Gridiron Singleplayer...

The following is how you load up a map and some stoopid-no-gridiron-playin' bots...

1. Click the PLAY Q3 GRIDIRON on your Windows Desktop.
2. Pull down the console (~) and type the following:

/g_gametype 3 [PRESS ENTER]
/map q3gridiron01 [PRESS ENTER]

*NOTE: Map names are Q3GRIDIRON01 thru Q3GRIDIRON12...

Then once in-game, press ESC and join a team. Then press ESC again and add bots from the menu just like you would for any mode of play under Quake3... Once all of the bots join you kind of have to get them going by shooting one of them and then they'll fight but they won't know to pickup the ball (they will sometimes get it by accident though) and they will not pass etc. etc. We may teach them, but you know how expensive schooling can be in this day and age. :)

GRIDIRON NEWS: January 20th, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

Q3 Gridiron 2.01 Patch Released!

Are we on the ball or what? <pun intended!> We've already got a little update that will address a number of client and server-side issues. Check the downloads page for links to the installer and zipped patch! We should have this running on at least the Houston server anytime now!

Models, Servers and Mirrors, Oh My!

The first run of Gridiron 2.0 went well, but a couple minor details need to be addressed. First off, I do not know if everyone noticed, but the model loading faults in 1.27 are simply crazy. Maybe it's just me, but here's what I believe in having in your Gridrion config which is also in the passbinds.cfg that comes with Gridiron 2.0:

model "doom"
team_model "doom"
team_headmodel ""
headmodel ""
cg_forcemodel "1"

Of course, I'm using the DOOM model as an example here, you would use whatever model you like best. If anyone knows more about this or has comments, either let me know or post it in the Gridiron Conference!

Lastly, the SERVERS page is updated and the new mirrors are listed on the DOWNLOADS page!

GRIDIRON NEWS: January 19th, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

Early Bird Special!

Wanna grab up Q3 Gridiron 2.0 early? Well this is your chance! Hit the downloads page as we've got both the installer and the ZIP posted on a few of our sites already... Again, the official release will be later tonight around 7pm central time when all the servers should be up and ready for some action!

Hope to see you there!

Q3 Gridiron 2.0 to be released later tonight!

Get ready for it! Gridiron 2.0 is nearly ready to go! I was able to finish up some additional details and Valtrain is going to run over the code one more time and all will be ready for release after a few tests! For now, here's a fun 640x480 graphic to download for your desktop! :)

Gridiron Desktop BMP 640x480

GRIDIRON NEWS: January 18th, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

Q3 Gridiron Website's New Home on PlanetQuake!

We are now fully moved in to our new home here on PlanetQuake! We are just about to release Gridiron 2.0 and everything's finally coming together! We have really been looking forward to this and would like to thank PlanetQuake for hosting our site and everyone who has been helping with Gridiron 2.0! I would also like to note that all of the news about Gridiron 1.0 (which may be useful to at least some of you) is located here! We will have a monthly archive section setup in the next few weeks!

More News to Come VERY SOON!!




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