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Gridiron News Links: February 2001
Quick Notes on the v2.36 Patch...

Gridiron v2.36 Patch Released!

The Finals for Gridiron, version 3.0...

Bigger and Better Gridiron Tournament!

More Servers, Play and they will Come!

Q3 Gridiron v2.35 Released!
Minor Update Again...

Gridiron v2.30 Tournament Version Released!

Gridiron v2.30 Slightly Delayed...

Linux Servers, Teams, Exhibition Games?
Private Gridiron Code Tests Soon!

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GRIDIRON NEWS: February 21st, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

Quick Notes on the v2.36 Patch...

We just wanted to note that Q3 Gridiron v2.36 is compatible with the v2.35 servers. So, if you upgrade to v2.36 but your favorite server is still v2.35 you can still play. So, do download this so you can enjoy some of the features of the patch until all of the servers upgrade to v2.36! We are also keeping our Servers Page updated as the servers upgrade!

Gridiron v2.36 Patch Released!

Q3 Gridiron v2.36 has been released! Go grab it now from the downloads page!

This patch addresses the server crashing bug and fixes the grappling hook. The grappling hook is now much more visible and will let go after three seconds or if the player who hooks you is damaged by either your gunfire or any of your teammate's gunfire. The sounds for the new football player model has also been updated and this will be, in fact, the final patch for Q3 Gridiron until v3.0 (the FINAL version) is released with the final football player model animations and a rework of most all the maps and a few new maps! For now, this patch should stop all server crashing and will stop players from being frozen permanently by the grappling hook!

Additional notes are as follows:

-- If you have the full v2.35 or are patched to v2.35 then all you need is the v2.36 patch...
-- If you have v2.00, v2.01 or v2.30 then you need the v2.35 patch and the v2.36 patch...
-- If you are starting from scratch, you need the FULL v2.35 and then apply the v2.36 patch...

The Houston server is currently running v2.36 and the map rotation has been mixed around a bit for fun! We hope to have the full v3.0 completed soon with a few MORE tweaks and all of the maps reworked and some new maps. Stay tuned to this site for more!


GRIDIRON NEWS: February 19th, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

The Finals for Gridiron, version 3.0...

The following are the main features we are addressing in what will be the final version of Gridiron v3.0:

Addressing Random Server Crashes:

We are unable to duplicate whatever it is that is causing random server crashes under Linux. So far there has been two things reported, but in tests on the Home server, we have not been able to make the server crash. The first was firing upon a dead body. There should never be a dead body in the game as all bodies are supposed to gib when fragged but one was found by a player and after firing upon the dead body the server crashed. It is hard to say if this was the cause as in another instance a player simply changed teams as a round began and the server crashed. The player was unable to say whether or not a dead body appeared on the field nor if they may have left a dead body behind after they changed teams and it was shot and it crashed the server. We believe this to be the problem, but until we can duplicate this error, we cannot fix the server crashing bug. If you happen to be on a server and note what may have caused a crash, please let us know.

Addressing The Grappling Hook:

Even though there are any number of ways to make a grappling hook break loose, players are still hooking people and then running to hide behind an obstruction and trapping players. You can shoot the player or one of your teammates can shoot the player or the one holding the hook can switch weapons to make the hook release, but this is not understood and is causing trouble. So, the hook will be made to let go after 2 or 3 seconds. This should help to throw people off track or to temporarily freeze them but it will not allow a player to hook an enemy and freeze them there and run around or hide until the end of the round.

Addressing the Gauntlet:

The fumble caused by the Gauntlet used to make the ball pop straight up in the air but now tosses it in a random direction off the player who was carrying the ball. This will be changed to make the ball fly straight up into the air so players can have a better chance of recovering the ball.

Additional items slated for v3.0 but no promises:

-- Possibly more work on the new football player model.
-- Possibly all new sounds for the football player model.
-- Possibly coding certain animations for certain moves made by the player.
-- Pos
sibly a small map pak of 1 to 7 maps.
-- Possibly a few other minor graphic and sound additions/changes.

So, if you would like to see some of these things addressed and/or you have even more suggestions you would like to see, please let us know in the Gridiron Conference or by Emailing us or letting us know in the #gridiron channel on the IRC... We can see that the traffic on all of the surviving Gridiron servers has dropped off drastically and players are not jumping to form teams on as well...

We do though appreciate very much the time a lot of you have spent with us on this and your ideas and suggestions have been invaluable. Again, THANK YOU!...

But, as with too many other mods out there, we believe it is all but over... Only the players who love the mod and want to see it continue can let us know if we are wrong about this...

GRIDIRON NEWS: February 16th, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

Bigger and Better Gridiron Tournament!

The Gridiron Tournament we setup on this site is now going to be held on where teams can join and challenge as opposed to having a double-elimination Winner and Loser's bracket games as we setup on this site. The first matches did not work out and this is the perfect solution. For those that are still interested or are very frustrated about how things have been going with this tournament, this should be much better for you and this is probably how we should have handled this in the first place. :)

All of the news on this site concerning the tournament has been deleted. The link on the left will pull up the website. Now, jump over and get SIGNED UP as the challenging will open up starting this coming MONDAY! The best thing about this is that players who have recently wanted to join the tournament can get over there and start forming teams and get involved immediately!

When you get to the site, setup your username and password, then use the Find a Tournament link and choose Gridiron from the Q3 list. The match coordinators need to create a team and setup a password and your team members need to, of course, join your team. Once you have that completed, as I noted above, challenges will be permitted starting this Monday. We truly hope that this will help to better organize this whole thing and will be more like the ladder games that most players are familiar.

Special thanks to Stix for his help in not only arranging but administering this for all of us to enjoy!...

GRIDIRON NEWS: February 15th, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

More Servers, Play and they will Come!

The Gridiron Servers page has been updated! If you have yet to get the plugin to view them on that page, go here and download it now and copy the plugin to your browser's plugins folder! If you do not get good ping to one of the regular servers you have seen on our server page, try some of these other locations! You can also highlight the address, copy and paste it into your Gamespy Q3 Unbound list as well as installing the Q3 Gridiron Gamespy Tab found on the downloads page to filter out Gridiron servers in Gamespy!

GRIDIRON NEWS: February 11th, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

Q3 Gridiron v2.35 Released!

Okay, this is DA BOMB! Q3 Gridiron v2.35 is released! We've gone through this update thing so many times that all I can say is for you to go GRAB IT NOW!

Here's just a few notes about this release:

-- Anything and everything broken in v2.30 is fixed, end of story.
-- Excellent new football player model created by Slight!
-- Excellent new map created by Slight!

Additional things should be noted, such as:

-- If you download the FULL version of 2.35, be sure to uninstall all previous versions!
-- If you are a server admin, please add map q3gridiron13 to your rotation!
-- The Gridiron Tournament Schedule will be released a little later tonight!

-- Enjoy it all! :)

GRIDIRON NEWS: February 8th, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

Minor Update Again...

As it were with Gridiron v2.0 to v2.01, Gridiron v2.30 is going to need a patch, hopefully server-side only. In the interest of the upcoming tournament having zero code issues, some of the features added into v2.30 have not worked out quite right. We have to admit that we've had a lot going on lately, but we're going to continue to push onward to produce a patch by this weekend.

The problems we are aware of are as follows:

-- Even teams are being forced even if g_teamForceBalance is zero.
-- Sometimes the grappling hook seems to run out of ammo.

This is causing the message 'Teams Are Not Even' to show up on the screen and in the next round players are being thrown to spectator mode. It is also causing the ball (once again) to not be spawned on the first round. Some of this code is going to be trashed entirely and the patch will be released very soon!

Otherwise all of the many other features are in good order and Thursday night's tests went well as far as the majority of the many additions were concerned!

Stay Tuned for Breaking News! :)

Gridiron v2.30 Tournament Version Released!

Q3 Gridiron v2.30 Tournament Version is now available on the Download Page! For the average weekend warrior, this can be installed and you can just hit the updated servers with your same config and enjoy the update! We had so many last second things to do to get this ready, it may not be fully documented for the more serious players and so you should rely on this website for more info.

In the meantime, here's the console commands:

Use /HELP to get more info on many aspects of the new code.
Press ESCAPE while in the game and go to the SETUP/Controls menu to set your binds!

More Updates to Come!

GRIDIRON NEWS: February 7th, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

Gridiron v2.30 Slightly Delayed...

The entire number of changes made to the Gridiron upgrade for the tournament is causing some trouble. Nevertheless, we're almost 99% completed and just wanted to add a few new things. So, there will not be an early code release. It may be VERY late tonight and should be ready tomorrow. The following are a short list of the changes you will enjoy:

-- New ball code physics, slightly less bounce, slightly easier to retrieve!
-- Ball no longer gets stuck in walls or in the floor!
-- New ball look, easier to see in both vertexlight 0 or 1!
-- New ball trail making the ball easier to track!
-- New ball cam mode which is highly entertaining when in spectator mode!
-- Fixed dropping players to spectator bug after dying in a round!
-- Fixed inability to fire and ball not spawning after warmup time expires!
-- Full console menu help system, no longer /GIBINDS but now is /HELP!
-- Slightly altered and improved HUD and new HUD graphics!
-- System menu controls setup to bind passes and other new binds!
-- Faster grappling hook and other grappling hook tweaks!
-- The experimental pass is now an experimental charged pass and charged fieldgoal!
-- A multitude of custom game modes, such as Instagib and Hot Potato mode!
-- Less spam ammo when the game is set to its default settings!
-- Total control over weapons used in the game and the amount of ammo!
-- Team Ready Up mode for Match games and Team Locking to lock teams for matches!
-- Possibly one new map if it's completed before release!

We would like to add that this is just a patch and will be a small download. This is just for the tournament and is an interim release. There are even more features and improvements to be added to Gridiron which will be released as version 3.0 sometime in the near future. We are going to have a custom football player model being developed by Slight, which is, so far, absolutely fantastic looking!

GRIDIRON NEWS: February 2nd, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

Linux Servers, Teams, Exhibition Games?

There has been a lot of questions on how to get a Gridiron server up and running under Linux. If you have setup a standard Q3A DM server successfully, you need to download the ZIP version of Gridiron from our downloads page and extract the file with folders to your Quake3 folder. Then the commandline should contain the following commands to run Gridiron properly:

+set net_ip <your_server_ip_address>
+set net_port <your_server_port>
+set fs_game gridiron
+set fs_basepath ./
+set dedicated 2
+set bot_enable 0
+set vm_game 1
+set vm_cgame 1
+set vm_ui 1
+exec server.cfg

Of course, all of those commands would be placed on the same line and you should still consider opening the server.cfg and editing the lines concerning your server's information. We hope that this helps and if this is not correct, please feel free to send me an Email with the corrections and I will update this news item.

GRIDIRON NEWS: February 1st, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

Private Gridiron Code Tests Soon!

I got a chance to see some of the new code and so far a lot of little things have been fixed and a few of the new things are gonna be REALLY nice! Sometime between now and Sunday we will need to rotate through a LOT of maps to insure the code is bug-free, so, as usual, hang out in the #gridiron IRC conference for more details as they become available!

It's February, spread the Love!

As you can see we now have a news Archive at the top of the news page now! The old Gridiron 1.0 news and each month's news will be located there from now on. Some of the old news stories do have some informative articles so we are keeping them.

Now, concerning teams. Some of the team rosters have already been submitted but there are a lot more to go. Please take out some time this weekend to fill up your teams. Also, if you have more than 10 players on your team, some of those players should look in to other teams.

Now, if you are already an established clan or a lot of your members have heavy schedules, that's fine. But, when the tournament starts, the max players per team will be 6 and a minimum of 3. Of course, as maps change you may wish to reconfigure your team or just let some of your alternates play, so, of course, that's fine too. Nevertheless, some teams are starved for members and I'm just tryin' to point that out. :)




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