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Gridiron 3.1 Status Report!
Gridiron v3.0 to be featured on UK PC Gamer CD!
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All-Seeing Eye Gridiron Support!
Gridiron News!
Gridiron 3.0 Ladder Opens!
What a Weekend!

Last Second Notes on Gridiron 3.0!
Gridiron 3.0 has Arrived!

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GRIDIRON NEWS: September 29th, 2001 01:30pm -- MeNtHoL

Gridiron 3.1 Status Report!

With the recent release of the Quake III Arena v1.30 Point Release which once again did not have any adverse effects on any Quake III mods including Gridiron, we have finalized what will be included in the Gridiron v3.1 update coming soon.

• Minor adjustments to the menus and scoreboard
• Preserve teams upon map change
• Ability to instantly spawn on the field during map warmup
• Pass to fieldgoal conversion code bug repaired

• Recompile of gimap07 (Laser Field) to optimize FPS and Lighting
• Minor adjustments to the default configuration of Gridiron
• Possible adjustments to the Grappling Hook

And finally, as of today Gridiron 3.0 has reached over 15,000 downloads total calculated from all mirrors reporting completed downloads of both the Win32 EXE and ZIP versions of the mod since it was released a little less than two months ago today. With only two active Gridiron 3.0 servers that get nearly no traffic and three teams on the FGL Gridiron Ladder, we feel Gridiron is probably the biggest phenomenon of any mod ever created for Quake3.

Nevertheless, this coming week we will be archiving all things Gridiron up to v3.1 and will be releasing the Gridiron v3.1 patch and finally releasing the Gridiron v3.1 code and other media in the coming weeks. After which we will be shutting down and moving on to a new project which may be reported on this site. We appreciate everyone who have helped with and have promoted the Gridiron modification and we hope to see it played for years to come!

GRIDIRON NEWS: September 18th, 2001 05:00am -- MeNtHoL

Gridiron v3.0 to be featured on UK PC Gamer CD!

We received confirmation today from Mark Sutherns of UK PC Gamer magazine that Gridiron 3.0 will be included on the upcoming UK PC Gamer cover CD! For those on low bandwidth or have had difficulty downloading the large installation file for Gridiron 3.0, this should help. I will try to find out how many places the UK PC Gamer magazine is distributed and get it posted here. We are, understandably, very excited about this and hope this helps more players to get their hands on Gridiron 3.0!

In other news concerning Gridiron 3.1, we have decided on all of the updates we wish to implement and will be working on these over the next week or so. This will be, as we noted before, a very minor update and will not be released until after we all see the Quake III Arena v1.30 point release. As usual, stay tuned to our site for more updates including a new section that will show up on the lefthand menu concerning indepth details about Gridiron including demos and basic gameplay strategies!

GRIDIRON NEWS: September 04th, 2001 11:00pm -- MeNtHoL

Fragoff FGL address update!

Sorry that I did not get this updated on the site, but the FGL ladder is now at and is no longer on Fragoff dot net. There's still only two teams formed, if you think you would like to lead up a team for Gridiron, jump on Fragoff and START UP A GRIDIRON TEAM!

We've been thinking, what about colleges getting together Gridiron teams and playing each other? Is this a good idea? A lot of colleges have great connections and they play online and even have Quake servers setup. We think it would be a lot of fun, so if anyone reading this is going to college, let us know and form a team on the FGL Ladder!

Also, in other bits a pieces, Valtrain is getting established at his new location at school and we've pretty much discussed all the minor details for the Gridiron v3.1 release. Again, this will not come out until the Quake3 v1.30 point release is out, so no rush, but if you have any suggestions please let us know in our forums by CLICKING HERE!

GRIDIRON NEWS: August 24th, 2001 05:00am -- MeNtHoL

All-Seeing Eye Gridiron Support!

If you do not know about the All-Seeing Eye Game Browser, check it out by clicking HERE! In the latest update Q3 Gridiron is supported with many other mods. Check it out!

GRIDIRON NEWS: August 21st, 2001 03:00pm -- MeNtHoL

Gridiron News!

For those that might want to know more about the history of Gridiron, an interview has been posted at which you can check out by Clicking HERE! Be sure to click on the ENGLISH version just above where the interview text begins. Also, after a week of playing Gridiron 3.0 we are positive that there will be a very minor patch released after the Quake III v1.30 point release arrives. We noticed a few minor details we would like to clear up and possibly a few minor additions to the game and/or tweaks that are possibly expected directly relating to the point release itself. Look forward to this only after the v1.30 point release arrives and as usual stay tuned for more coming soon!

GRIDIRON NEWS: August 17th, 2001 12:00am -- MeNtHoL

Gridiron 3.0 Ladder Opens!

The all new Gridiron Open Ladder has opened at! Everything is ready and anyone can startup or join a team right now, CLICK HERE to get signed up! We are still hoping that some more servers open up soon soon, but there is no rush at this point to begin challenging. Begin forming your teams and take some time out to read up on the Gridiron Documentation concerning playing matches as well as checking out the Fragoff Gridiron Ladder Rules.

On an additional note, we did not quite get the number of mirrors for the Gridiron 3.0 installer as we had expected. If you know someone or are someone who can mirror the Gridiron installer or run a Gridiron server, please let us know! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Especially any server operators on the west coast which we have never had since Gridiron v1.0. We are going to try to make some more contacts this weekend including some overseas mirrors and server operators to see what we can do.

GRIDIRON NEWS: August 13th, 2001 11:30am -- MeNtHoL

What a Weekend!

Over the weekend quite a bit went down after the release of Gridiron 3.0! First ReSDoG[X-D] helped pimp Gridiron 3.0 at QuakeCon 2K1! Tubesock at logged over 2500 total downloads of Gridiron 3.0 over the weekend and the QuakeShit Server has been full off an on all weekend as well! And probably what was most important to us is to see there were ZERO BUGS! We are now searching out a place to setup a Gridiron ladder and we want to toss up a quick note for server administrators:

• Consider EDITING the g_mapVotePercent from 55 down to 35 in the SERVER.CFG so less players who agree to change maps can win the vote. Currently the map rotation is flowing straight through because not enough players seem to agree on the same map to play. And those that do want to play a certain map generally never win the vote and the next map in the standard rotation loads up.

Of course, if gameplay is fine and there are no complaints, then this is unnecessary and is a judgement call on behalf of the server administrator. We have though updated this little note in the docs and the clean server.cfg which is accessable in the downloads section.

GRIDIRON NEWS: August 11th, 2001 06:00pm -- MeNtHoL

Last Second Notes on Gridiron 3.0!

Special Thanks go out to Matt and Alan for their fantastic artwork!

• Uninstall all previous versions of Q3 Gridiron before installing 3.0

• Rebind your keys using the in-game controls menu system

• Bind weapons 1 thru 10 for map voting and voicecom

• Type /exec keybinds.cfg to bind numbers and keypad keys for you

• Need video tweaks? Type /exec tweaks.cfg in the console

• Map names used to be q3gridiron## and are now gimap##

• Barring any bugs in 3.0, a stats page on this site coming soon!

• We will again attempt to hold a GI30 Tournament on this site soon!

• Lastly, bots still cannot play Gridiron, we tried! Sorry...

Here is a graphic of keyboard layout located in keybinds.cfg:

GRIDIRON NEWS: August 11th, 2001 12:00pm -- MeNtHoL

Gridiron 3.0 has Arrived!

It's high noon and Gridiron v3.0 has been packaged, uploaded and is ready for release! There is a lot left to do to the website, but for now the early birds can get the worm! There is so much to let everyone know about the final release, but there is so little time. Grab up the release now while you can and keep an eye out here on the website for all things Gridiron as we get around to posting the news! Many areas of the website may be a little short on info, but all will be updated through the weekend and next week.

Stay tuned!




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