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Gridiron News Links: June/July 2001
Final Beta Tests for Gridiron 3.0!
So close at least WE can taste it!

Code Tweaked, Maps 15 and 16, Houston Server!

Calm before the Storm?

Quake3 1.29F Patch working with Gridiron 3.0!

Map 14 of 16 Complete!

Q3 Gridiron 3.0 Home Stretch...

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GRIDIRON NEWS: July 30th, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

Final Beta Tests for Gridiron 3.0!

It has come time to wrap up the seemingly ever ongoing beta testing of Gridiron 3.0 and time for a release date! We are currently looking at a Friday release day no matter what, which Friday is still rather up in the air. Therefore, as usual, keep an eye out here for the release date to be posted this coming weekend!

Starting at the first of August the website will be reworked slightly and all of the news posts will be archived and the layout will be geared more to screenshots, media, configurations and less news which should make at least some of the visitors to this site VERY happy! Again, we'll keep you posted. For now, as in the past, a few screenshots of gimap16, The Sandbox.


The Sandbox, though nothing fancy, comes with a few goodies. Being this is the final, official Gridiron map in 3.0, this one will be played spawning the players face to face and set default in Hardcore mode and you can only make fieldgoals and extra points. In our playtests this was a total blast! I STRESS the word BLAST too! Look forward to it in Q3 Gridiron 3.0 coming very soon!

GRIDIRON NEWS: July 18th, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

So close at least WE can taste it!

Well, it looks as though Gridiron 3.0 is about one playtest before release!! Yes, we are VERY serious this time around... The playtests have been pretty much 99% bug-free and I am just about to put the final touches on map16 and it looks like one more code update and we're there. The amount of control you will have over Gridiron will not be dissimilar to that which players enjoy in a lot of the other mods as far as remote administration, the in-game voting system and dramatic server-side (administrator) control. This has been the focus of this last stretch along with tweaking and testing everything over the last 2 weeks. Try to drop by our site here next week for a report on the weekend playtests which we believe will tell the tale if we are ready to provide a release date for Gridiron 3.0!

GRIDIRON NEWS: July 03rd, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

Code Tweaked, Maps 15 and 16, Houston Sever!

Valtrain tweaked Gridiron 3.0 to fix a few minor things brought up by the 1.29F point release and so we will, once again, be running some more private playtests starting late this coming Friday... Concerning map15, I thought, since Urban seems to be the theme as of late, why not Gridiron? The following screenshots are taken from the first good compile of the basic map. If I can finagle the uprights and a few playtests with the bots, this map and map16 may be ready for the playtest.

Lastly, Viruseater of let me know that the Gridiron 2.36 server is running just fine under the new point release so it is back up and running for any of you that want to get in a good old game of Gridiron 2.36 for the last time before 3.0 is released!

Now for some quick screenshots of map15. I also would like to note that we will be posting some screenshots of a couple maps created by Kebone (Squib) and Bootdisk very soon!

Stay tuned!


GRIDIRON NEWS: June 25th, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

Calm before the Storm?

Some quick notes here... Everything Gridiron v2.xx is shutting down today. All of the servers are down except for NGI and we are taking down the Gridiron ladder on Valtrain reported that he has done a few more code tweaks and I am starting map15 and 16 this week. I have also gotten to check out Squib and Bootdisk's Gridiron maps which will most likely be included in the 3.0 release and they both have some VERY unique gameplay ideas in them. So, we may be looking at 18 maps for 3.0 and a release at what looks like the first of July 2001. This time we'll try to stick to this since it seems that nobody is having trouble with the 1.29F point release.

GRIDIRON NEWS: June 20th, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

Quake3 1.29F Patch working with Gridiron 3.0!

Well, this was quite a surprise! After patching up to the 1.29F beta patch released yesterday, the current Gridiron 3.0 beta code and pretty much everything else is working just fine! I understand most mods are working okay with it too. Myself and Valtrain have discussed final code updates and we very well may be porting the code over this coming weekend. Watch here for screenshots of maps 15 and 16 as well as more info on the release soon!

GRIDIRON NEWS: June 18th, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

Map 14 of 16 Complete!

Every Quake3 mod needs at least one space map, doesn't it? I'm sure a LOT would disagree with that statement, but map14 is finally complete. I had tons of trouble with this one as far as compiling which delayed it, but I finally fixed it. Here's some quick shots:


From the previous beta version of Splint, I did make the map shorter and found a bridge design that I liked. If you throw the football off the map, it will respawn out of those doo-dads that hang from the ceiling. Of course, if you fall off (yes, Super Shotgun kick is gonna play a major role here) you aren't as lucky as the ball. Nevertheless, in what few tests we've done on this one, it is big enough so that, if you stay in the middle of each area, you can get blasted and you will not necessarily go flying off the map.

We also got a message from a modeler that will, afterall, help out with the additional animations and we are looking to hear back from him this week. Lastly, I guess the point release is still not around, so it's still going to be playtest city for Gridiron 3.0 until the point release comes out. It is starting to get very hard to hold up the mod release because of this, but we're trying not to freak out!

Lastly, since I don't really need my server this next week, the beta6 test server will stay up to test this map. Also, the regular comment is still in effect here, that it is a private playtest and those who want to get involved should show up in our IRC channel for more info. I will add to this that once we have all 16 maps completed, we will have another public beta 2, so, as usual, stay tuned!

GRIDIRON NEWS: June 08th, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

Q3 Gridiron 3.0 Home Stretch...

Well, now that school is out for Valtrain and he has a new job for the Summer and I have run into a few projects that I have to finish up, the home stretch for completing Gridiron 3.0 is going to be just that, a home stretch. I stress the word stretch... Also, I still see no word on the release of the Quake3 point release, so that will 'buy us some time' while we all wait.

Currently the progress of 3.0 is at about the same level it was toward the middle of May. We need a test of the remakes of maps 12 and 13 along with the new map 14, tests of maps 15 and 16 will be in order and a few more graphic and coding tweaks and then the porting over to the new point release. So, once again, for those who need a little Gridiron, we should have some playtests again this weekend and they will be, as most have been as of late, private. But, if you show up in the #gridiron channel on the IRC, we can get you the files necessary to help out!

Lastly, we did not get one response from any modelers to help us to tweak out a few new animations to the Gridiron player plugin model, so I am going to take this job on myself. If I am as crappy at doing the animations as I am pretty sure I will be, then there simply will not be any additional animations to the Gridiron player model, no biggie, of course, but I think it would add up to a little more entertainment value while playing the game.

Anyhow, as usual, we'll post news here as to future progress and release dates as we finally finish Gridiron 3.0... Oh yeah, also, I have decided to try to get a working stats page and will setup a Gridiron 3.0 tournament on this page soon. Therefore the ladder will be taken down in the next week or so to give everyone signed up there a chance to read this before we deactivate the ladder.




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