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Gridiron 3.0 Issues...
Gridiron 3.0 just around the corner?

Gridiron 3.0 Progress Report!

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GRIDIRON NEWS: April 30th, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

Gridiron 3.0 Issues...

First off, we would like to thank all of the playtesters that helped playtest the new maps and some of the new features in Gridiron 3.0! As said many times in the past, we appreciate the comments and playtesters who take away from their fraggin' time to help out. This last test and some other things have brought up some issues which may delay Gridiron 3.0 further:

1. Some of the map updates have really destroyed FPS and may not be improvements to these maps but actually making the updated maps worse. In otherwords, tweaking of the map remakes are in store.

2. When exactly will the next Q3A patch come out, will it be good or will it be the final patch. Also, will it require us to recompile the Gridiron code?

It may just be our luck as Gridiron 1.0 was released right about the time that the 1.27 patch came out and then there was another patch after that as 2.0 was released. Again, we do not want to put out 3.0 and then have to patch it with Gridiron 3.01 a week or two later if we can avoid it. We are still considering implementing a webstats program and other things in Gridiron that a patch COULD just end up creating many more nightmares for us.

Whatever the case, we are going to continue to make Gridiron the best it can be and we will continue to review your suggestions and have more playtests this week. It will not be long (maybe 2 or 3 days at this point) before some brand spankin' new maps are built which will absolutely need some playtesting, so, keep an eye out here as we will post more on all of this in the next day or two. I am also going to post a few more screenshots here in the next day or two.

GRIDIRON NEWS: April 23rd, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

Gridiron 3.0 just around the corner?

I am about to go blind, my hands and arms sometimes go numb and there is still much left to do... As of earlier this evening myself and Valtrain talked about the April 27th release (this coming Friday) and we feel positive, but I am starting to think May 4th... We have swapped the code, media and the map remakes about 50 times over the last week... We have discussed a ton of ideas, implemented those ideas (some of which will be complete surprises) and praying our customized bots will EVENTUALLY learn to talk smack and throw some passes... They already beat the snot out of you which is good but they only score by accident...

Point being, we really want the new, the retired and the old-school Gridiron player to download a less than 50 megabyte mod that installs and comes up lookin' like you just spent $50... Why? Well, because it's the right thing to do--at least that's how I see it...

I admit that EVERYTHING Gridiron so far has been recreational and very beta-like... We decided after v2.3 that v3.0 would be the final version and I think every time we do something new now, we look at it and we treat it like it's the very end of that addition and we redo it until it's right... We know this delay is, anymore, commonplace in the gaming community and we cannot wait for you to see it, but it is true, it will not be ready until it is ready... I will try to post updates here more as we approach release...

For now, for the east coast player, there's a new server that just went up! Check out the servers page for the address to the new server and all the servers for that matter... I am working feverishly on the map remakes, media and will be reworking the website very soon. Valtrain is perfecting and optimizing the code and we're really very happy with everything and once again wish to thank everyone for their input!

Gridiron 3.0 will be, undoubtedly, the best we can make it and we can only hope you respond to the effort and understand the additional week we need... More playtests will go down this weekend for sure, so try to drop into our IRC channel at the end of this week to get involved!

GRIDIRON NEWS: April 09th, 2001 -- MeNtHoL

Gridiron 3.0 Progress Report!

Well, it has been a rough couple weeks at the end of March but there has been a lot of progress made to the Gridiron 3.0 code and other media. As we've noted in some of the News Articles in March, we are going to have a lot of private playtests of Gridiron 3.0 this month as well as public beta tests.

As of today myself and Valtrain have setup a tentative progress schedule for April and our estimates put the release date on Friday, April 27th, 2001. Every single detail will be gone over with lots of playtests but so far everything really feels like version 3.0 and not some updated/patched version over 2.36 or whatever which is very nice. Everything really does have a much improved look and feel.

Also, as we have noted many times in the past, if you have ANY suggestions, feel free to post them in the Gridiron Conference, Email them to us via the Contacts Page or drop by the IRC and share your ideas for Gridiron 3.0... And now without further delay, more screenshots with some details!




And much, much more game control for both public and match games! We will continue to keep this page updated throughout April as we get the full list of updates!




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