Quake III Gridiron v3.1
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Updated October 19th, 2001 by MeNtHoL

Welcome to the Q3 Gridiron Documentation Help System! This document should not only help the administrators of LAN parties who may hold Gridiron Matches or Tournaments, but anyone who plays Q3 Gridiron. This document covers every setting you need to know about Gridiron 3.1, simply select a subject below to jump directly to the section you are interested in viewing. If you find anything out of place or any errors in this document, feel free to send mail by clicking here!


-- Last Minute Gridiron Notes

-- Install and Launch of Q3 Gridiron 3.1
   • Install Win32 Systems
   • Install Unix/Linux Systems
   • Launch Gridiron ALL systems
   • Server Win32 Systems
   • Server Unix/Linux Systems
   • Setting Suggestions ALL Systems

-- LAN and Online Tournament Setup
   • Basic LAN Tournament/Match Setup
   • Advanced LAN Tournament/Match Setup
   • Online Match with RCON
   • Online Match without RCON

-- Q3 Gridiron Client Voting System

-- Q3 Gridiron RCON (cvar) Command Reference
   • ALLOW Features
   • Game Map Controls
   • Custom Map Voting
   • Game MODE Controls

-- Client Gridiron Key Binds and Tweaks!
   • Passing Binds
   • Weapons, Map Voting and Voice Com
   • Gridiron Specific Client Commands
   • Helpful Client System Settings

Last Minute Gridiron Notes

This is a few last minute notes concerning this version of Q3 Gridiron:

Current Version Number:
Q3 Gridiron v3.1

Release Date:
October 18th, 2001

Compatible with Quake III Arena Versions:
v1.27g, v1.27h, v1.29f, v1.29h and v1.30

Known Bugs:


One should be aware that even though this documentation has been updated for Gridiron v3.1, one must first install the full Gridiron v3.0 install and then apply the Gridiron v3.1 patch for some parts of this documentation to be perfectly accurate. This mainly applies to the Gridiron website where the latest documentation will always be made available. If you have Gridiron v3.0 and have yet to apply any patches the majority of this documentation will be accurate. We will try to denote new version only procedures and commands throughout the documentation.

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Install and Launch of Q3 Gridiron 3.1
*NOTE: You must Install the FULL Gridiron 3.0 first and then apply the 3.1 patch!

-- Install for WIN32 Systems:

For Win32 Systems (Windows 95, 98, 98SE, NT, 2000) we suggest that you download the Q3 Gridiron v3.0 executable (.EXE) installer. Not only will it handle the install, but it will create desktop icons, etc. which makes installation and launching Gridiron a breeze. The only issue is knowing where your Quake III Arena is installed. The default folder is /Program Files/Quake III Arena/ but some may install their Quake3 into another folder, for instance /Quake3. Be sure to select the proper folder so the installer can create the sub-folder of /gridiron which is where this particular version of the software needs to be installed on both the server and the client.

Once having installed the full version of Gridiron v3.0, apply the Gridiron v3.1 patch exactly the same way. If a Gridiron patch is only available in a ZIP file format, please see the following instructions concerning installations using the ZIP file format.

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-- Install for Unix/Linux and Mac Systems:

For Unix/Linux and Mac users, you must download Q3 Gridiron v3.0 in the zipped (ZIP) format and when extracting the ZIP, be sure to select the ZIP check box labeled USE FOLDERS so that the unzip program can properly create the /gridiron folder and install the Q3 Gridiron resources there. The main difference in using the ZIP (especially on Win32 systems) is that you will have to navigate your way to the /quake3/gridiron/ folder to find the scripts to launch Q3 Gridiron, so, again, use the Win32 installer when possible.

Once having installed the full version of Gridiron v3.0, apply the Gridiron v3.1 patch exactly the same way. This will hold true for all future patches of Gridiron.

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-- Launching the Q3 Gridiron Client (All Systems):

To launch Q3 Gridiron on the client, simply choose the PLAY GRIDIRON NOW! icon on the desktop or simply load Quake III Arena as your normally would and select Q3 Gridiron v3.1 from the MODS menu.

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-- Launching a Win32 Server:

To launch a Q3 Gridiron Server, for Win32 machines, simply click on the gi30_server.bat file which we have tested extensively on both Win98 and Win2K systems. This will load a Master Server Reporting, DEDICATED, Win32 Server with a full map rotation. You may though need to edit the file to set the port number (+set net_port [PORT NUMBER]) or other settings specific to your situation. Review the following Unix/Linux server setup to learn more about additional server parameters.

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-- Launching a Unix/Linux Server:

To launch a Q3 Gridiron Server, for Unix/Linux machines, please edit the unix_server.bat which contains the following information which should be readily understood by Unix/Linux Admins who have experience setting up Quake3 servers with Quake3 mods:

// ----------------------------------------
// Unix/Linux Gridiron Basic Server Startup
// Requires Editing as specified below...
// ----------------------------------------
[PATH]quake3 +set net_ip [IP] +set net_port [PORT] +set fs_game gridiron +set fs_basepath ./ +set dedicated 2 +set bot_enable 0 +set vm_game 1 +set vm_cgame 1 +set vm_ui 1 +exec server.cfg

// ----------------------------------------
// ----------------------------------------
// [PATH] = Path to your quake3.exe
// [IP] = Your Gridiron Server's IP Address
// [PORT] = Your Gridiron Server's Port (Default: 27960)

// ------------------------------
// ------------------------------
// fs_game gridiron .... Gridiron 3.0 should be run from /gridiron
// fs_basepath ./ ...... Base Path
// +set dedicated 2 .... Report to Public Master Server
// +set bot_enable 0 ... Disable bots (Q3A Bots DO NOT play Gridiron)
// +set vm_game 1 ...... Gridiron uses VMs not DLLs
// +set vm_cgame 1 ..... Gridiron uses VMs not DLLs
// +set vm_ui 1 ........ Gridiron uses VMs not DLLs
// +exec server.cfg .... Execute the Server.cfg to setup Gridiron

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-- Setting Suggestions (All Systems):

Even though the SERVER.CFG contains basic settings that should work for anyone, there are a few lines in the config that you should be aware of which will help your Gridiron server to run better. There are only two commands that we stress you tweak based on your server's capacity and connection and they are:

seta com_hunkmegs 32 -- 32 is good, set as high as your system's available RAM will allow.
seta sv_maxclients 12 -- We suggest NOT going over 16, but all Gridiron maps can handle 22 players.
seta sv_maxrate 10000 -- We suggest you set this as high as 32000 if your bandwidth can handle it.

*A suggested setting for good performance might be: hunkmegs 64, maxclients 10 and a maxrate of 18000.

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LAN and Online Tournament Setup

This section is mostly suggestions compiled from notes we have received from LAN party administrators. We can only hope that the complexity of setting up and running a match or a tournament will be easier after reading the following suggestions. After you have setup and are running a fully functional default Q3 Gridiron Server based on our default configuration files, jump to the section that interests you below.

-- Basic LAN Tournament/Match Setup
-- Advanced LAN Tournament/Match Setup
-- Online Match with RCON
-- Online Match without RCON

Basic LAN Tournament/Match Setup

As we all know, some larger LAN parties can be quite disorganized, so, the following describes a procedure to setup Q3 Gridiron so the server can be ready, yet give everyone a lot of time to join the server and get through their matches in short order.

-- Start your Gridiron server(s) and set the server name(s) using command /sv_hostname "Team X vs. Team Y"
-- Set the exact number of players for the match(es) using command /sv_maxclients "XX"
-- Set the map(s) on the server(s) that will be played using command /map gimapXX where XX is 01 thru 16
-- Set a high warmup time (such as 300 for 5 minutes) using command /g_warmup 300
-- Announce to your players to join the server(s) and form/join their teams during the 5 minute warmup

Optional settings such as weapon ammo and other settings as described in the other sections of this document could also be set. Especially the commands /g_allowvote 0 and /g_mapvotePercent 100 to stop all voting during the match. If you only have one Gridiron server, you should only have to change the map to continue the tournament. Even though this is probably the easiest way to setup and run tournament matches, consider reading the next section for more suggestions!

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Advanced LAN Tournament/Match Setup

If you wish to setup your tournament with very specific settings, consider scanning over the Command Reference section of this document to help better understand the following procedures.

Ignoring map defaults and having one setting for all maps:

Before starting your server(s) consider editing the gidef.cfg (Gridiron Default Configuration) setting any number of the settings described in the Command Reference of this document. Once starting the server, use the command /g_usemapconfig 0 to ignore individual map settings stored in the Gridiron PK3.

Trouble with Bad match startups or other situations requiring a match restart:

If you have all of your players in the game and the match started before everyone was ready or everyone agrees to restart the map, use the command /g_matchRestart 1 to restart the map keeping current teams. Also, consider placing the command /g_requireReady 1 in the gidef.cfg or set this before any players join the server which requires every player is ready before the match begins.

Running match based on best of three different maps:

Some may find playing a best of three on one map the fastest way to get through a tournament. Yet, if you would like to play three different maps, instead of playing a match and then changing maps manually, consider setting up the server.cfg to rotate the three maps that will be used in each match. An example of running a match server using maps 1, 4 and 11 would be setup as follows in the server.cfg:

seta sv_hostname "LAN Match Server Maps 1 4 and 11"
set gimap01 "map gimap01;set nextmap vstr gimap04"
set gimap04 "map gimap04;set nextmap vstr gimap11"
set gimap11 "map gimap11;set nextmap vstr gimap01"
vstr gimap01

If a team won the first two maps (officially ending that match) then you could a. restart the server or b. send a command of /vstr gimap01 to restart the rotation.

Providing more time to communicate in matches:

The commands for allowing more time to communicate plays between rounds and calling a timeout for even MORE time out between rounds are the commands: /g_freezetime XX where XX is the number of seconds that will pause between rounds. Also, teams can use the command /callteamvote timeout to call a vote for a 30 second team timeout, each team is given two of these per match map.

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Online Match with RCON

If you have access to a Gridiron server's RCON password then you have total control over the server and all of the commands described in the procedures throughout this document from remote. The best thing for you (or the administrator of the server who may have given you a temporary RCON password) is to setup a password to access the server. The command for this is /rcon <rcon_password> g_password "secret_password" where <rcon_password> is the RCON password and the "secret_password" is the password you set that the players have to enter to access the server using the /password <secret_password> command in their console when rejected from accessing the passworded server. Instead of repeating a procedure already described in other sections of this document, the following commands should be helpful in getting your match rolling in short order using the following match specific RCON commands as follows:

g_requireReady 1 - Requires all players are READY before the match can begin.
g_warmup XX - Set the number of seconds the map warmup lasts.
g_usemapconfig 0 - Ignores individual map configurations in favor of Gridiron defaults.
g_lockteams 1 - Locks the current RED/BLUE teams.
g_unlockteams 1 - Unlocks the current RED/BLUE teams, allowing others to join the game.
g_matchRestart 1 - Restarts the map, resets all scores back to zero, preserves the current teams.
g_allowvote 0 - Disables voting.

Many other RCON commands are listed in the Command Reference section of this document. Please be aware that some of the commands we have listed (such as g_allowvote 0 or g_requireReady 1) may not be something a server admin would be too happy that you use if you plan on leaving the server when your match is over leaving it for public gameplay. Please ask server admins what all they would and would not mind you executing on their server!

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Online Tournament/Match without RCON

If you wish to hold a match online and do not have an RCON password to send commands directly to the server the following procedure may help you to get your match underway. You should though try to contact the server admin to setup a temporary RCON password for you to use for your match.

1. After both teams agree on a server, have one (or both) team leader(s) join the empty server.
2. Execute /VOTEMAP and /CALLVOTE commands to get the server setup. (See Client Voting Section)
3. Have all players join the server, including spectators if allowed, and form the teams.
4. Execute a /CALLVOTE lockteams 1 and have everyone perform a /VOTE YES command.
5. Start your match, play your match to decide the winner of the map, take screenshots etc.
6. Execute a /VOTEMAP ## and have all the players send a /VOTE YES to load the next map.
7. Start over at instruction #3...

The best thing to do when you do not have RCON to a server is to have one player (such as a team leader) join the server and set the map and the parameters of the game. Being the only player in the server sending /CALLVOTE commands, the votes will alway pass as that one player is 100% of the vote. Unless the server has voting turned off, this can make setting up and running your match a lot easier. In fact, since loading a new map resets a lot of the parameters, you may wish for all the players to type /DISCONNECT and tell them to /RECONNECT in 1 minute so you (or both you and the other team leader) can set the server up for the next map. Again, we suggest that you reserve a server with RCON for online matches even though we have tried to provide plenty of control over running matches on public servers.

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Q3 Gridiron Client Voting System

The following covers all the possible votes for controlling Q3 Gridiron gameplay. Once the players are connected to the server and have joined a team, they should type /HELP to get this same info in the Quake3 console. We are repeating this here as a quick reference only. Also note that for ANY of these general voting commands to work, be sure that g_allowVote 1 is in your SERVER.CFG!

/HELP - Access to in-game help system.

/LISTMAPS - Simply Lists all of the available maps. (gimap01 thru 13 in Beta 6.0)

/VOTEMAP <map number> - Use VOTEMAP ## to vote for a specific map number.

/CALLTEAMVOTE timeout - Use to call a vote for a 30 second team timeout. (2 per team per map)

/CALLVOTE <weapon> <ammo> - Use to change ammo for weapons as follows:

machinegun <ammo_amount>
shotgun <ammo_amount>
grenadelauncher <ammo_amount>
rocketlauncher <ammo_amount>
lightninggun <ammo_amount>
railgun <ammo_amount>
plasma <ammo_amount>
bfg <ammo_amount>

/CALLVOTE <command> - Use to change many aspects of the game as follows:

allowballshooting 0/1 - Allow the ball to move when shot by weapons (default 1[ON])

allowgrappledamage 0/1 - Turn grappling hook damage on/off (default 0 [OFF])

allowgrappleinstagib 0/1 - Two grappling hooks hitting you at once tears you apart (default 0 [OFF])

battleofthegods 0/1 - Sets all players to invincible, all other parameters unchanged (default 0 [OFF])

fraglimit XXX - Set the points needed to win (default 100)

freezetime XX - Set the paused time between rounds (default 0)

hardcore 0/1/2/3 - Sets all weapons on with 999 ammo and excessive Super Shotgun (default 0 [OFF])

hotpotato XX - Ball carrier dies if holding the ball for more than specified number of seconds (default 0 Secs [OFF])

instagibmode 0/1 - Set game to railgun only, 1 shot kills (default 0 [OFF])

lockteams 1 - Lock the current teams in the match (default OFF)

map_restart - Restarts the current map, players go to spec, all scores reset

matchRestart - Restarts the current map, players stay on same teams, all scores reset

restoregidefault 1 - If you goof up all the settings, sets the game back to defaults!

roundtime XX - Set the amount of time PER round (default 30 or via Map's Config)

timelimit X - Set the match timelimit (default 20)

unlockteams 1 - Unlock the current teams to allow other into the game

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Q3 Gridiron RCON (cvar) Command Reference

If you are running a server from remote and wish to perform the voting commands instantly. You will need to edit the set rconPassword <your_password> in the SERVER.CFG file to control your server from remote. Once you have done this and launched your server, the following are the specific commands for Q3 Gridiron as seen in the voting section above along with quite a few others. We have tried to group these as follows:



/rcon <password> g_allowballshooting "0/1" [Default: 1]
*Allow or disallow ball to be shot and move around the field, default on.

/rcon <password> g_allowGrappleDamage "0/1" [Default: 1]

*Turn grappling hook damage on and off, default on.

/rcon <password> g_allowGrappleInstagib "0/1" [Default: 0]
*Two players hit an enemy with grappling hook, enemy is fragged, default off.

/rcon <password> g_allowRecovery "0/1" [Default: 1]
*Allow ball to be picked up by either team after a fumble, default on.

/rcon <password> g_allowVoiceCom "0/1" [Default: 1]
*Turn Team Voice Communications on and off, default on.

/rcon <password> g_allowVoiceTaunt "0/1" [Default: 1]
*Turn Voice Taunts on and off, default on.

/rcon <password> g_allowVote "0/1" [Default: 1]
*Allow voting of many of the Gridiron settings displayed in the Client Voting Section.

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/rcon <password> g_shotgun "XXX" [Default: 5]
*Change amount of ammo for the super shotgun, zero to disable, default 5 ammo.

/rcon <password> g_machineGun "XXX" [Default: 75]
*Change amount of ammo for the machinegun, zero to disable, default 75 ammo.

/rcon <password> g_rocketLauncher "XXX" [Default: 15]
*Change amount of ammo for the rocketlauncher, zero to disable, default 15 ammo.

/rcon <password> g_grenadeLauncher "XXX" [Default: 0]
*Change amount of ammo for the grenadelauncher, zero to disable, default 0 ammo.

/rcon <password> g_railgun "XXX" [Default: 1]
*Change amount of ammo for the railgun, zero to disable, default 1 ammo.

/rcon <password> g_plasma "XXX" [Default: 0]
*Change amount of ammo for the plasmagun, zero to disable, default 0 ammo.

/rcon <password> g_lightningGun "XXX" [Default: 0]
*Change amount of ammo for the lightning gun, zero to disable, default 0 ammo.

/rcon <password> g_bfg "XXX" [Default: 0]
*Change amount of ammo for the BFG, zero to disable, default 0 ammo.

/rcon <password> g_grappleHook "0/1" [Default: 1]
*Allow or disallow the grappling hook, default on.

/rcon <password> g_spiketrap "0/1" [Default: 1]
*Allow or disallow spiketraps, default on.

/rcon <password> g_spiketrapbounces "0/1" [Default: 0]
*Spiketraps either bounce or immediately stick to any surface, default off (sticks, no bounce).

/rcon <password> g_railgunDamage "XXX" [Default: 60]
*Change amount of damage taken when hit by the railgun, default 60% of normal railgun damage.

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/rcon <password> fraglimit "XXX" [Default: 100]
*Number of points needed to win a match, default 100 points.

/rcon <password> timelimit "XXX" [Default: 20]
*Amount of time allowed to play a match, default 20 minutes.

/rcon <password> g_dowarmup "0/1" [Default: 1]
*Allow or disallow the warmup and cointoss at the start of a map, default on. (*see g_warmup)

/rcon <password> g_extendRound "0/1" [Default: 0]
*Allow rounds to extend beyond the roundtime if the ball never touches the ground, default off.

/rcon <password> g_freezeTime "XX" [Default: 0]
*Allow or disallow an amount of time to freeze both teams between rounds, default 0 seconds/off.

/rcon <password> g_mapVotePercent "XX" [Default: 55]
*Set the percentage of votes needed to change maps, default 55 percent, SET LOWER IF YOU WISH.

/rcon <password> g_requireready "0/1" [Default: 0]
*Requires all players to ready up before a match can begin, default off.

/rcon <password> g_roundTime "XXX" [Default: 30]
*Set the number of seconds per round, default 30 seconds.

/rcon <password> g_useDefaultDamage "0/1" [Default: 0]
*Allow or disallow default Q3A damage in all modes of Gridiron, hardcore etc. etc.

/rcon <password> g_useMapConfig "0/1" [Default: 1]
*Allow or disallow game to read and set individual map configurations, default on.

/rcon <password> g_warmup "XX" [Default: 30]
*When g_dowarmup is set for 1, sets number of seconds for warmup, default 30 seconds.

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(*Generally speaking, you would NOT use RCON to set this up!)

/rcon <password> g_useCustomMapVotingList "0/1" [Default: 0]
*Allow or disallow server to read the custom map voting list instead of the default map list, default off.
*REQUIRED: See g_customMapList and g_customMapNameList for more!!

/rcon <password> g_customMapList "<map_filename,map_filename,etc.>"
*List of ACTUAL MAP FILENAMES separated by commas for custom map voting.
*Custom Map Filename List MUST SYNCRONIZE with g_customMapNameList!!

/rcon <password> g_customMapNameList "<map_title,map_title,etc.>"
*List of ACTUAL MAP TITLES (names) separated by commas for custom map voting.
*Custom Map Title (name) List MUST SYNCRONIZE with g_customMapList!!

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/rcon <password> g_battleofthegods "0/1" [Default: 0]
*Allow or disallow battle of the gods mode, players do not take any damage, default off.

/rcon <password> g_friendlyfire "0/1" [Default: 0]
*Allow or disallow weapon damage from teammates, default off.

/rcon <password> g_hardcore "0/1/2/3" [Default: 0]
*Allow or disallow hardcore modes of play, default off.
*1 = all weapons except BFG.
*2 = all weapons + BFG.
*3 = all weapons + BFG + excessive Shotgun.

/rcon <password> g_hotpotato "XX" [Default: 0]
*Sets number of seconds before a player must pass the ball, default 0 seconds/off.

/rcon <password> g_instagib "0/1" [Default: 0]
*Sets game to only railgun and gauntlet, one rail hit frags an enemy, default off.

/rcon <password> g_lockteams "1" [Direct RCON Command]
*Lock the current teams who have joined the game, default off. (*see g_unlockteams)

/rcon <password> g_matchRestart "1" [Direct RCON Command]
*Restarts the map, resets all scores, players stay on the teams they chose, direct command.

/rcon <password> g_notifyuneven "0/1" [Default: 1]
*Allow or disallow notification of uneven teams when one team is 2 players short, default on.

/rcon <password> g_popupfumble "0/1" [Default: 1]
*Set ball fumbles to popup in the air or to simply drop and bounce, default on/pops up.

/rcon <password> g_PreserveTeams "0/1" [Default: 0]
*Teams will be preserved from the last map (Gridiron v3.1)

/rcon <password> g_startingArmor "XXX" [Default: 200]
*Sets the value of the initial starting Armor value (Gridiron v3.1)

/rcon <password> g_startingHealth "XXX" [Default: 200]
*Sets the value of the initial starting Health value (Gridiron v3.1)

/rcon <password> g_unlockteams "1" [Direct RCON Command]
*Unlock the current teams and allow others to join the teams, direct command.

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Special Client Gridiron Keybinds

Most players will find using the in-game controls setup to be enough to setup their keyboards for Gridiron, but there are still some who wish to know the commands for binding keys directly in the console. The following are not only the standard binds for Gridiron, but some addition controls you may find useful as well. We will also suggest some other settings which may help lower end systems to handle the stress of large Gridiron games with a lot of players--video and general settings.


/bind <key> throwball
*Medium Range Arced Pass

/bind <key> throwbullet
*Medium Range, Flat Pass

/bind <key> hailmary
*Long Range, Arced Pass

/bind <key> fieldgoal
*Used to 'Kick' a Fieldgoal through the uprights

/bind <key> +button5
*Charged Pass

/bind <key> +button6
*Charged Fieldgoal

/bind <key> spikeball
*Bounce Ball high into the air (for fun)

/bind <key> throwspiketrap
*Throw a spike trap

/bind <key> followball
*When in spectator mode, follows ball or ball carrier

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bind 1 "weapon 1" // Gauntlet
bind 2 "weapon 2" // Machine Gun
bind 3 "weapon 3" // Super Shotgun
bind 4 "weapon 4" // Grenade Launcher
bind 5 "weapon 5" // Rocket Launcher
bind 6 "weapon 6" // Lightning Gun
bind 7 "weapon 7" // Railgun
bind 8 "weapon 8" // Plasma Gun
bind 9 "weapon 9" // BFG
bind 0 "weapon 10" // Grappling Hook
*Standard Weapon Binds also used for voting for maps and selecting voicecoms!

bind <key> vote yes
bind <key> vote no
*Standard vote yes/no commands you should bind (ie. F1-Yes/F2-No)

/bind <key> vcomMenu
*Pulls up the appropriate Offense/Defense Voice Communications Menu

/bind <key> vtauntMenu
*Pulls up the in-game Voice Communications Taunt Menu

/bind <key> vmiscMenu
*Pulls up the in-game Voice Communications Miscellaneous Menu

/bind <key> givoicecom # (1 - 9)
*Play the appropriate Offense/Defense Standard VoiceCom Message 1 thru 9

/bind <key> givoicemisc # (1 - 9)
*Play Miscellaneous TEAM VoiceCom Message 1 thru 9

/bind <key> givoicemisc # (1 - 9)
*Play Taunt GLOBAL VoiceCom Message 1 thru 9

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/cg_trackball 1/0 [Default 1]
*Turns off and on the in-game 'smoke' ball trail

/cg_patriot 1/0 [Default 1]
*Changes the ball trail from pure white to red, white and blue

/cg_helmetcam 1/0 [Default 0]
*When in Spectator mode, displays the helmet cam graphic

/cg_alwayshelmet 1/0 [Default 0]
*Allows client to display the helmet cam always

/cg_playVoiceCom 1/0 [Default 1]
*Turns voice communications off and on

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Place the following commands in an AUTOEXEC.CFG in the Gridiron folder OR create your own config file in the Gridiron folder and in Quake3 get to the console by pressing the tilde (~) key and typing /EXEC GRIDIRON.CFG and pressing the ENTER key to execute the configuration. Of course, replacing GRIDIRON.CFG with the name of your custom configuration filename.

-- Video, Player Model Tweaks
*It is highly suggested you at least try these if you are having problems...

/model "gi"
/team_model "gi"
/team_headmodel ""
/headmodel ""
/r_vertexlight "0"
/r_gamma "1.5"
/r_overbrightbits "1"
/r_dynamiclight "0"
/sv_pure "0"
/cg_forceModel "1"
/cg_lagometer "0"
/cg_gibs "0"
/cg_marks "0"
/cg_brassTime "0"
/cg_shadows "0"
/com_blood "0"

-- Audio Tweaks
*The following commands are optimal for most soundcards...

/com_soundMegs "8"
/s_volume "1.0"
/s_musicvolume "0.3"
/s_mixAhead "0.5"
/s_loadas8bit "0"
/s_khz "22"
/s_mixPreStep "0.05"
/s_doppler "0"
/s_separation "1.0"

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